SAP Cloud for Travel

A web-based software system designed by SAP.

About SAP Cloud for Travel

Focus on your business while controlling travel costs With the increasing cost of business travel, your organization needs to cut travel costs and complexity while increasing compliance. The SAP Cloud for Travel solution helps you manage processes such as planning, booking, travel receipt capture, and expense reimbursement, and it lets you analyze expenses across multiple dimensions for better decision making and cost control.

Your company has defined spending limits for expenses like hotel rates or taxi fares and must adhere to country-specific rules for expenses such as mileage and per diem reimbursements. Thus, you need to track and control expenses, comply with local tax and legal requirements, and facilitate efficient approvals and audits.

Designed for how you and your employees work and travel, SAP Cloud for Travel automates travel processes and supports planning and booking, expense receipt capture, and the reimbursement of expenses. It helps you simplify expense reporting, increase accuracy, and reduce costs ? all while speeding processing time. Automated, standardized processes help improve visibility, efficiency, and cash management while aiding compliance.

By capturing and analyzing your travel expenses across business units, expense types, and geographies, you can generate insights that help control current and future expenses. And your employees get tools they’ll actually enjoy using.

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