Process Director

A software system designed by Saros.

About Process Director

Process Director (PD) has evolved since 1994 from a series of custom client server modules into a highly configurable application that allows control of virtually any business process utilizing a unique work flow type concept. PD is designed to plug gaps in current information systems and provide management with information they really need when they need it. All PD applications work in client-server networks and PD View (the main user interface) can also run in an Internet browser.

Benefits of Using Process Director (PD):

  • Management information is organized in an ýOperations Definitioný database, using the PD Setup program, such that it is possible to drill down through the companies reporting structure to obtain management information needed to make informed decisions. PD includes a powerful report manager for presenting information in a wide variety of forms.
  • PD Setup is an excellent tool in optimizing business processes. Once analysis and initial process design is complete, the system is ready to start production. Over time, the processes can be improved, made more detailed or changed to reflect new practices easily using PD Setup without any change to the program or interruption in operations.
  • Use of PD has proven to reduce lead times and associated costs through reduction/elimination of paperwork and the ability to prioritize and smooth workflow.
  • PD can be used as a common interface for users to organize access to different applications needed to accomplish their jobs.
  • The PD View module can be utilized over the Internet to provide easy remote access to the system. Security is set up to block users from sensitive information. This allows customers and vendors to use PD View to track sales and purchase orders respectively.
  • Documents can be organized within PD for easy access and storage.
  • PD provides the ability to track multiple projects against common resources and provide real time project status updates at a fraction of the cost/complication of comparable project management software.
  • PD is highly configurable without modifying it’s underlying code and can be used as a framework application to eliminate the need for costly ýfrom scratchý custom programs for specialized needs. Microsoft’s VBScript function is included to allow the inclusion of customer specific functions by anyone familiar with this language.
  • For those companies with a current or future need for a new manufacturing control system, PD can be configured to provide the functionality of a MRP/CRP system with a fraction of the normally required cost and support. In this configuration it includes a unique inventory control function that makes automatic inventory adjustments based on the completion of each inventory related task.

Where Process Director Can Be Used:

PD is best suited to repeatable processes that follow the same basic workflow each time used. Optional tasks and user defined ýsub-tasksý are used to handle variations in a given workflow model. Examples include:

  • Project oriented processes like construction, testing, IS implementation, loan applications, capital expenditure requests, new product design and implementation, or any other repeatable step by step process
  • Corporate measurement access: from company to department to work area to task.
  • Buy cycle from purchase order to receipt into inventory to supplier payment and the sell cycle from order entry to shipping to receiving customer payment
  • Quote cycle from customer inquiry through review and preparation to quote submittal.
  • Quality system implementation and document organization.
  • Utilizing tasks that reappear for completion on a preset interval, PD can be used for applications like Total Productive Maintenance in a factory, or scheduling of patients’ medicine dispensing in a hospital.

Some Features of the Product:

  • Models of virtually any business process can be set up using the graphically oriented setup module, PD Setup. These models include reporting structure, process task flow and functions available to each work area where tasks are performed. Optional tasks can be included in process models to handle variations between projects or work orders using these models.
  • Using these models, a graphical order/project entry front end called PD Create creates a set of tasks specific to that order or project and optionally a sales or purchase order. PD can also be interfaced to 3rd party order entry systems. The color-coding of the tasks represents task status.
  • The PD View application provides every user on the system a priority list of tasks assigned to their area or directly to them. They can interactively update status of these tasks and perform a wide variety of functions.
  • The PD View module includes built in functions that are setup based on each reporting area’s function. These include order/project status, task related reports/documentation, initiation of other programs, credit check, material review, scheduling, controlled access to Excel and Word documents, receiving, shipping, inventory movement / stores control, and production/ labor input. PD View can also initiate and edit projects or work orders.
  • The PD system report manager can output ýquický reports into an Internet browser. This displayed data can then be saved as a web page, printed, or exported to a favorite editor for further formatting.
  • The report manager can also export data from the central database into Excel or Word templates and launch macros for a wide variety of report and spreadsheet outputs.
  • Security can be set at the overall module level and/or at the reporting area level for every user id set up on the system. Security levels are full access, edit only (no deletes), read only, and no access (blocked from module or reporting area).
  • PD code is written in Microsoft’s Visual Basic Version 6 and utilizes Microsoft’s ADO database communication function to interface to Access, SQL Server, Oracle, or virtually any ODBC compatible database.

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