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About Surround SCM

Change is constant in product development and often occurs at a blistering pace. Efficiently controlling and tracking change is critical to delivering quality products on time. Seapine ALM’s configuration management solution, Surround SCM, manages all changes to your product’s digital assets and makes them available to your team anytime and anywhere.

Features and Benefits

Complete Configuration Management

  • Branching and merging provide effective management of source files throughout the development lifecycle. Surround SCM does not impose a branching process on users–your use of branching depends on your company’s needs and business processes.
  • Integrated code reviews provide a way to group related files or changes and request feedback from others without affecting current file contents. Reviewers can provide comments directly in the code review. All review information is stored in Surround SCM and can be referenced as users work with files.
  • File and change set labeling make it easier to get files, create branches, and rebase files and branches on a group of related files in different repositories.
  • Graphical file history window gives you a bird’s eye view of your file history making it easy to visualize the full set of actions to a file across all branches. Interactively trace a file’s history, see what changed between any two versions, and gain new insight into your source code changes. In addition, you can get a graphical view of your branch structure to see how different branches relate to each other.
  • Extensive changelist and atomic transaction support give you the ability to perform actions on groups of files and rollback or cancel operations to all related files.
  • Line-by-line annotation helps you trace the history of file changes and provides better support for code reviews, audits, and similar processes. Quickly identify new or changed lines between versions, who made the change, when it was made, and the action that caused the change. You can quickly go to a specific line or search for text in the Content column.
  • Extensive searching and filtering capabilities help you quickly find files you need to work with. Save searches as reusable filters to list only those files that meet the criteria you select. Reusable filters can be shared with other users, making it easy to create common filters, such as to find files locked by the current user or files ready for code review.
  • Shelve files on the server to securely store in-progress work, facilitate code reviews, and hand files off to another teammate without checking in incomplete work.

Workflow Automation

  • See beyond ‘checked in’ to know the true status of files in the change process. Know whether a file you are including in the build was code reviewed, ensure design documents went through the review process, and control who can make changes to reviewed and approved files.
  • Configurable workflows let you define, control, and track the individual state of files undergoing change. Users can perform actions based on workflow state (e.g., create branch) and set the workflow state and custom fields when performing file actions (e.g., adding files or checking in files).
  • Definable file states can be displayed in the source file list window and are supported in filters and reports, helping you quickly determine the overall status of files in your change process.

Flexible to Manage Change Processes Your Way

  • Create up to 100 custom fields to attach custom metadata to files (e.g., user assigned to work on a file, file description, user who owns the file, etc.)
  • Add custom commands to branch, repository, and file menus to launch third-party applications or custom scripts from Surround SCM. Fire up a code review tool or kick off the nightly build, all with one click from the Surround SCM Client.
  • Customize workspaces to fit your work patterns and remember your settings between sessions.

Secure Access to Your Digital Assets

  • Role-based security groups let you create a security structure for various types of users. Server- and repository command access settings give you full control over who can see, access, and change information in Surround SCM. Learn more about Surround SCM security groups
  • Branch and repository security settings give you highly granular control over file access. Security settings can also be inherited from parent branches and repositories to simplify administration.
  • Centralized user accounts on Seapine’s License Server centralizes account information for Surround SCM and TestTrack. LDAP and Active Directory integration lets you validate and retrieve user account information from your corporate directory, simplifying account administration.
  • Strict password enforcement reduce the vulnerability of your user accounts.
  • Single sign-on for Active Directory users eliminates maintenance of multiple passwords, increases security, and allows you to take advantage of alternative authentication methods.
  • Unusual activity monitoring tracks all access attempts. Unusual activity warnings, in addition to errors, other warnings, and informational messages, are stored in the Surround SCM Server log.
  • Security best practices, including security levels and an optimistic security model make it easy to control access as repositories and branches are created. Using a repository-centric security model ensures that access to new project repositories is available only to users who are working on the project and provides the flexibility to configure more granular branch-level security when needed.

Fast, Highly Scalable

  • All data stored in an industry-standard RDBMS, including Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, provides the following key benefits: Leverage your existing database infrastructure and backup strategies, Store Surround SCM databases on different servers for improved scalability, and Write custom change management reports that run outside of Surround SCM.
  • Scalable architecture that easily handles hundreds of users in multiple geographic locations. Cross-platform server support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Cross-platform GUI and command line clients supports full GUI functionality for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and command line access on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris.
  • 64-bit server support allows you to cache more metadata and files for even faster performance than you can achieve on 32-bit servers.
  • Flexible licensing including named and floating licenses, helps maximize your configuration management budget.
  • Automatic client upgrades make it fast and easy to roll out new versions of Surround SCM clients.

Distributed Development

  • Intelligent proxy server provides fast access to digital assets, including source code, design documents, and test data is essential to productivity. Surround SCM’s proxy server improves performance of file retrievals for distributed teams by caching recently accessed files. Innovative pre-caching of new file versions is unique to the Surround SCM proxy server. The result is fast access to files from any location in the world and faster distributed development.
  • Fast, secure communications gives your team secure access to source files, protected by RC4 512-bit encryption. Surround SCM also includes role-based security that can be applied at the server, repository, or branch level. Surround SCM’s server logging enhances security by recording unusual activity, as well as critical and non-critical issues.
  • Built-in email notifications can automatically notify users of any type of activity performed on a file or branch. For example, you can be notified when files are checked in to a specific branch or when a file reaches a specific workflow state (e.g., Ready for Review).
  • Shadow folders place the most recent version of repository files into a directory you specify to provide read-only access to non-Surround SCM users or to provide a central location to build releases from. Files are automatically updated when changes are checked in.
  • Hyperlink access to files and branches provide one-click access to files and branches from URLs you can include in emails, Wikis, and Web pages.

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