SI Fire

A full ERP system designed by SI Systems for construction companies.

About SI Fire

This company is no longer in business. As such, this software is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the construction management software page for alternatives.

SI Fire is a complete hardware and software solution for the business management needs of fire suppression companies. It includes a full line of software applications that can be mixed and matched.

Job Cost Control: Fully integrated with the accounting and inventory packages, which automatically calculate costs when information is posted from Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable/Inventory

Accounting: Includes General Ledger, Payroll, Preventative Maintenance Tracking, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable/Inventory and Service Billing/T&M – all of which are integrated with complementary SI Systems, Inc. packages.

Purchase Orders: Integrates with Accounts Payable and Inventory to track receiving, price quotes, and billing for one or more companies. Helps detect double billing from suppliers and subcontractors. Prints and faxes purchase orders.

Estimating: Consists of a flexible package that uses English Language takeoffs (no codes, numbers or reference lists of parts), allows multiple price lists, and can easily be tailored to each customer without the use of a programmer.

SI Fire - Features

  • Fully Integrated Service Orders/ Time & Material Billing
  • Portable inspection tracking
  • Generation of monthly inspection notices
  • One inquiry from the customer - referred to all divisions
  • Maintenance contract tracking
  • Multiple work locations for the same customer
  • Equipment system tracking for all customers
  • First Aid system tracking
  • OSHA, Hydrostat, Restaurant inspection tracking
  • Multiple salespersons commission tracking
  • Multiple color-oded dispatch board (optional)
  • Barcoding
  • Automatic faxing of purchase orders/documents (optional)
  • Fully integrated with SI’s 4GL Job Costing and Accounting System
  • Track dollar sales against blanket purchase orders
  • Integration with Hydra Tec Estimating

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Features

  • Provides management with information to be used in cash management, including cash requirements forecasting (by week and month) and vendor discounts optimization
  • Provides control and an audit trail to the automated cash disbursement process
  • Automatically produces accounts payable checks
  • Reduces the opportunities for clerical errors in the processing of cash disbursements
  • Detects expired certificates of insurance
  • Produces partial waivers of lien
  • Provides control over costs and expenses by department, job or profit center
  • Provides historical and analytical information by vendor or job, to be used in negotiation of prices for future estimating and purchasing
  • Automatically updates the General Ledger, Job Cost Control, and Purchasing records as a result of processing an Accounts Payable transaction
  • Automatically updates vendor history file
  • Provides unlimited number of invoices for each vendor
  • Provides security control by limiting access to various procedures to only authorized personnel

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Features

  • Maintains complete and accurate customer accounts activity and history files
  • Provides management with timely information concerning accounts receivable and collections to be used in cash management
  • Accurately maintains retainages by customer and job
  • Accurately bills Contracts, Time and Materials, and Service Jobs
  • Automatically produces monthly bills for contract jobs
  • Automatically monitors progress and status of incomplete Work Orders
  • Automatically produces sales tax reports
  • Provides AIA Billing System format
  • Handles various billing procedures for various classes of customers
  • Accurately posts payments by invoice (including partial payments)
  • Automatically interfaces with General Ledger, Job Cost Control Systems, and Service Systems
  • Provides security control by limiting access to various procedures to only authorized personnel


Estimating Features

  • English Language Takeoffs - No code numbers of reference lists of parts required
  • Unlimited Item Takeoff Library - You can tailor these items for your business without a programmer
  • Multiple Price Tables - For example, use ýcompetitiveý tables for bids and ýbooký tables for change orders – all without changing disks
  • Audit Trails - SI Systems, Inc. Estimating Software produces chronological audit trails that reflect every step of each takeoff
  • Multiple Users - Multiple estimators can work simultaneously on the same – or separate bids
  • Last Minute Alterations - SI’s Estimating package allows you to easily make changes in any part of the bid. The system immediately reprices, re-extends, and reprints the bid

General Ledger

General Ledger Features

  • Provides management with accurate and complete financial statements and other management reports on a timely basis
  • On-screen trial balance with the ability to explore details of accounts
  • Provides a detailed listing (Audit Trail) of all account activity by month, including source, authorization, and amount
  • Provision for recurring and reversing journal entries
  • Integrates all other accounting applications via automatic posting of monthly activity
  • Edit/Audit function allows review and approval of transactions prior to posting to permanent records
  • Formats various types of reports and financial statements (Comparative-Prior Year and Budget-to-Actual; Year-to-Date; Quarter-to-Date; Month-to-Date, etc.)
  • Provides check reconciliation procedures
  • Provides security control by limiting access to various procedures to only authorized personnel
  • Automatically integrates with Payroll, Inventory Control, Accounts Payable, Job Cost Control and Accounts Receivable

Inventory Control

Inventory Control Features

  • Accepts price updates from the industry services
  • Provides inventory control and status information for shop inventory, tools and equipment inventory, job site inventories, and truck inventories
  • Provides management with timely information of items that should be reordered to avoid, or minimize, stock outs
  • Provides complete and accurate materials, tools, and equipment costs, as issued from stock, to the Job Cost Control System
  • Reduces the clerical effort required to maintain a perpetual inventory control system
  • Reduces the opportunities for clerical errors in the inventory reporting process
  • Updates Job Cost Control system automatically through issues from inventory
  • Utilizes the DCI EDP numbering system for all product identification
  • Transfers inventory item from Shop Materials Inventory or Tools and Equipment Inventory to Job Inventories or Truck Inventories
  • Automatically interfaces with General Ledger, Purchasing, and Billing Systems

Job Cost Control

Job Cost Control Features

  • Provides management with accurate, complete, and up-to-the minute status reports on active jobs including estimated versus actual costs and hours
  • Extensive on-screen research tools to explore all facets of job’s cost, billings, change, and purchase orders
  • Provides management with timely information to avoid, or minimize, cost or schedule overruns
  • Provides actual job cost information to be used in determining profit
  • Provides the necessary accounting information to accurately calculate the over/under billed status of each contract
  • Provides a base for historical estimating performance analysis, thereby improving future estimates
  • Provides job cost information, by phase, within each job
  • Reduces the clerical workload required to maintain manual job cost control
  • Unlimited number of jobs and unlimited phases within each job
  • Maintains subtotals on each job for labor, materials, equipment, subcontract, bond, permit, temporary utilities, and miscellaneous expenses
  • Automatically updates from Inventory Control, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Financial Reporting


Payroll Features

  • Automatically accumulates and reports payroll information for certified payroll and EEO reports
  • Extensive on-screen employee pay history
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of employees
  • After-the-fact certified reports/Direct Deposit Available
  • Provides multiple distribution and posting of payroll by job, department, profit center, and account
  • Automatically calculates all withholding, payroll taxes, and workers compensation
  • Provides for several paychecks per employee per pay period
  • Provides several pay rates for each person within the same payroll period on one paycheck
  • Automatically calculates and deducts authorized amounts from employee gross pay for an unlimited number of miscellaneous deductions
  • Provides union processing with unlimited locals, unlimited classes, and unlimited contributions
  • Reports for all required Federal and State tax reporting
  • Automatically posts to Job Control and General Ledger with burdens
  • Provides security control by limiting access to various procedures to only authorized personnel

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders Features

  • Automatically generates purchase orders; each purchase order has unlimited text and line items
  • Provides management with timely and accurate information about the status of open purchase orders
  • Reduces clerical effort required to process, control, and monitor purchase orders
  • Assures quoted purchase order prices are accurately charged on invoices
  • Allows consistent follow-up of open purchase order items and eliminates double ordering, back ordering, and stock outs
  • Provides purchase order file with the ability to access purchase order number, vendor, job number, and date delivery promised
  • Provides a history file of purchasing activity that can be reported by vendor, job, department, and accounting distribution
  • Automatically interfaces with Accounts Payable, Job Cost Control, and Inventory Control
  • Provides security control by limiting access to various procedures to only authorized personnel

Time & Materials/Service Billing

Time & Materials/Service Billing Features

  • Produces printed work orders for dispatcher and technician
  • Tracks service orders that have not yet been started, started but not completed, completed but not billed, and fully billed
  • Provides unlimited material and labor charges in detail
  • Provides various material pricing calculations, unique for each customer or service order
  • Unlimited work sites per customer
  • Unlimited service contracts per work site
  • Unlimited list of items under contract per contract
  • Provides various labor billing rates by employee work class, unique for each customer or service order
  • Provides summarized or fully detailed invoices
  • Automatically interfaces with Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Job Cost, Purchase Orders and Customer Master File
  • Provides security control by limiting access to various procedures to only authorized personnel

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