Silversoft Talent

A software system designed by Silversoft Corporation.

About Silversoft Talent

A complete accounting, invoicing, and inventory management software.

The software prides itself on being very fast & easy to use.


  • Final Accounts: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/c : T-Type format, Verticle with Ledger and Group Details, Trial Balance, Receipt/Payment Statement.
  • Account Books: Cash Book, Bank Book, Bank Reconciliation, Pay-In-Slip, Ledger Summary, Group Summary, Monthly Summary, Day Book, Daily Balances Cost Centre Details. Cheque Printing Facility,
  • Outstanding: Receivables Payables, Aging Analysis, OverDue Interest Calculation Reminder Letters Payment Advice
  • Salesman: Salesman wise Sale, Outstandings, Stock Reports
  • Registers: Sales Register, Cash Sales Credit Sales, Purchase Register Cash Purchase Credit Purchase, Debit Note Register, Credit Note Register, Journal Register / Other Registers Cash Flow / Fund Flow
  • Vouchers: Sales Invoice Cash Sales, Credit Purchase, Cash Purchase, Receipt, Payment, Debit Note Credit Note, Journal, Contra, Quotation, Purchase Order Sales Order, Purchase Challan, Sales Challan, Stock Transfer from Godown, Memorandum and user Definable infinite Voucher Types Available with Format Designer Facility. Turn Over Summary
  • Bill Of Material: Item Processing : Reducing Component Balance and Adding Component Balance Complete Inventory control, with Seperate Narration for each ledger.
  • Numbering: Auto Manual None with Prefix & Suffix Facility Godowns
  • Products: Batch System, Free Item Status, Group wise Stock, Company wise Stock,
    Units, Alternate Units, Minimum Stock Level Maximum Stock Level, Multi Sales Rates, Item wise VAT, Item wise Discount


  • Stock Ledger: Item wise, Group wise, Company wise, Monthly Summary, Daily Balances, Stock List etc.
  • Stock Valuation: FIFO, LIFO, Price List, Average and Manual System.
  • Inventory Books: Day Book, Item Daily Balances, Item Summary, Group Summary Company Summary.
  • Stock Movement: Item wise Sales, Party wise Sales, Item wise Purchase, Party wise Purchase, Slow Moving Items - Fast Moving Items Graphical Presentation of Monthly stock Transactions Sales / Purchase Order: Item wise Sales / Purchase Order, Party wise Sales / Purchase Order with Pending Order Details and Adjusted Qty.
  • Gross Profit: Item wise, Group wise, Company wise with FIFO, LIFO & Manual Rate Methods, Renumbering facility for vouchers entered.

Printer Setup:

  • Deskjet, Inkjet, laser, Dot Matrix etc.
  • Formula Calculation for Timber Merchants : Sq. Ft., Running Ft., Cubic Ft./Mtr, Format Designer, User Definable Password Protection Report Rights for users, Current Balance facility on a Single key.
  • E-mail & Print Preview facility for Reports.
  • On line Electronic Help Manual with Printing Facility.

Target Market

  • All Types of Traders
  • Distributors
  • Dealers
  • Manufacturers of Computer Hardware
  • Electricals
  • Electronics Super Shops
  • General Stores
  • Medical Shops Inverter
  • UPS
  • Battery
  • Automobiles
  • Garments Cement
  • Tiles
  • Steel
  • Plywood
  • Timber
  • Glass
  • Publication
  • Book Seller
  • Printing Press Chartered Accountants
  • Co-operative Society
  • Schools


  • Purchased upfront
  • Starts at $175 upfront for a single user
  • Multiuser charge is an additional $100/user upfront
  • Free trial available

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