Navision Software Enhancements

A full ERP system designed by SimCrest.

About Navision Software Enhancements

SimCrest’s products provide a number of enhancements to Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision product line.

The Enhancements Focus on a Number of Industries Including:

  • Property Management organizations
  • Restaurant and Food Services organizations
  • Ebay auctioneers
  • E-commerce applications
  • And many more

Cash Basis Accounting

Cash Basis Accounting enables your Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) to calculate your accounts on a cash basis, which means revenues and expenses are recorded in the period they are actually received or expended in cash. Dynamics" NAV ordinarily only calculates the accounts on an accrual basis. With this product you will be able to do both. Cash Basis Accounting is extremely easy to use and financial reports can be created using the Account Schedule granule in Dynamics" NAV.

The calculation of cash basis is done using a special function. This function will calculate and populate cash entries in a designated table on the basis of the cash income and outlay and the applications to the sales and purchase documents that are paid, as well as the standard accrual GL posted entries. Using the Account Schedules you will be able to produce almost any financial report on an accrual or cash basis. A new option in the Account Schedule Column Layout, “Ledger Entry Type” lets you choose if you want accrual, cash basis or GL budget numbers in the column of the report.

This setup allows for account schedules to be created for cash and accrual, or cash to budget comparisons, or all three.

Credit Card Management

This Product allows you to receive credit card payments directly in Microsoft Navision Attain®. All handling of the credit card is done in Navision® and payments can be automatically posted in Navision® as well.

The System Can Accept Credit Card Payments and Credits On:

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Credit Memo
  • Sales Journal
  • Stand Alone (not attached to any document)

The system handles authorization and capturing either combined or separately.

Easy Check

This product can print checks without using the payment journals. The user interface looks very much like a check and lines can be added easily.

Easy check enables you to print checks to anyone! You can print a check for a vendor, customer or anyone with a name.

After entry the check can easily be printed, posted or voided.

How It Works

You enter the check from the G/L Menu. From there you can choose the bank account and basic information from the bank and it is pulled over.

A customer or vendor can then be selected. However, Easy Check does not require a vendor or customer. You can just bypass the number and write the name on the check directly on the screen.

Next add the lines for the check. Easy check will automatically check that the total amount is correct. When the check is ready it can be printed. Easy check is using its own check report that will include the information from the lines.

Once a check is printed it can be posted or voided. The printed and posted check goes into the standard Navision workflow for checks.

Easy check is very easy to install and will only require changes to a few forms if they already have modifications. The check report will need to be customized to each individual check.

Ebay Auction Management

Executive Summary:

  • Setup professional auction templates with HTML and pictures.
  • Post auctions for your inventory in seconds.
  • Track and manage all auctions within MBS Navision
  • Send invoices directly from MBS Navision via eBay
  • Receive payments via PayPal or credit cards.

The overall function of the product is that you handle every aspect of all your auctions on eBay from within MBS Navision.

You can setup auction templates for items or groups of items. The template contains default information that EBay requires to post an auction. To sell an item on EBay you assign a template to the item and this becomes the Auction Profile for the item.

Portfolio Management


  • Keep track of security trades inside MBS Navision
  • Paper trade fully supported
  • Price updates from the internet
  • Charting via Internet link

Portfolio Manager for MBS Navision allows you to handle your portfolio inside Navision with optional integration to the General Ledger. If turned on the system will update the General Ledger with realized gains and losses for sales.

It is also possible to update the General Ledger with unrealized gains and losses for current positions.

Paper Trading

Portfolio Manager also allows you to paper trade all positions; Navision will handle these trades separately from the market trades.

Online Price Updates

Portfolio Manager integrates to providers of price updates on the internet. This means that your positions are always up-to-date with the latest prices. Depending on your subscription level with the online provider this can be real-time or delayed price updates (provider may charge for this service).

Print from any software program directly to Microsoft Excel". This product is a printer driver that allows you to print anything directly to Excel". It works basically similar to the Adobe PDF" program only the “print” ends up in Excel". The printer driver will format the print and put it into the correct columns in Excel" and format with special font characteristics if necessary.

Although this printer driver allows you to print from any Windows-based software package directly to Excel, this fact sheet will demonstrate how to use it specifically with Microsoft Dynamics" NAV (Navision).

While in your Microsoft Navision® report or document, choose Print like you would to print to paper on your printer. When it opens the dialog box, choose Print2Excel Print Driver in the drop down list of printers.

The printer driver’s Properties has options that allow you to filter out blank lines and/or columns as well as to only print lines with certain characteristics. You can create profiles to remember all settings for specific documents or just click “OK” to print. The information is spooled to an image file and then converted to Excel". Depending on the amount of data, larger reports may take a bit longer to convert.

Product Configurator

This product allows you to assist your sales department in configuring the right solution for your clients.


  • Easy to set up!
  • Sales Configurator to help find the right items for the client.
  • Production Configurator to help you manufacture a specific production BOM.
  • Support indefinite number of levels in the questionnaire.
  • Triggers let you by-pass or allow special questions in certain cases.
  • Everything is handled inside Microsoft Navision.

As a Sales Configuration

This will allow your sales people to configure products that will not need to be manufactured. The system will go through a questionnaire and at the end it will suggest the sales lines no the sales document. The system supports all sales documents (Sales Quotes, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices). Sales Configuration will allow assignment of both items and resources…

The Sales Configuration can also be used to generate a MTO Production Project Order in the Manufacturing application area using the normal planning function.

As a Production Configuration

The sales person will enter a product from the item file on the sales document. After the item has been entered the Product Configurator is launched. It will also go through a questionnaire but instead of creating sales lines it will create a customized production order with the configured items. This means that the production bill of material would be individual for this sales document.

The system supports setting up configurations for as many manufactured item as you want. The use of Variant codes are also supported.

Property Management


  • All pertinent facts and figures about a property/job available at the touch of a button.
  • Record and handle jobs for multiple units at multiple properties effectively and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive job cost structure.


In addition to the great features Microsoft Navision® already has, this Property Management enhancement for Navision® is a valuable add-on designed specifically for Property Management companies.

Purchasing Approval Workflow

SimCrest Purchasing Approval Workflow allows you to set up workflow rules for purchase or sales documents to be approved before being released if they don’t meet certain standards.

How It Works

You can setup thresholds for users so they can only approve up to a certain amount. Emails can be sent to approvers that documents are ready to review and approval and once approved emails can be sent to the involved parties. A user will fill out a document and submit it for approval. The approver will receive an email generated by the transaction attempt. The approver can then click the document link within the email and Navision will bring up the document for approval.

When the approver pulls up the document for approval, he or she can approve the document and an email is then sent back to the person who entered the document. There is also an option to have the system send notification to others on the approval list as well. The system supports technical approvals also.

It is possible to see the complete approval history of all documents with date, time and User ID’s. Everything is setup inside Microsoft Navision and you can setup as many approval rules as you want for both the purchase and sales application areas.

Recurring Invoices

The system allows you to define the predefined intervals that the invoices should be invoiced. The recurring codes allow you to define as many different intervals as you want.

There is no limitation to the recurring intervals as the system uses the data formula codes from Navision Financials. This means that it is possible to define intervals like a specific day every month, quarter etc.

How It Works

When an invoice has been entered into the system the recurring information can be set up. The Recurrence Status is set to Active and the Recurring Code is set appropriately.

It is possible to determine if the system should update prices and discounts on lines at the next time of invoice. It is also possible to set an expiration date when the invoice expires.

The invoice lines can use substitutions for day, week, month, year etc. so that the system automatically fills in the blanks. This means that you do not have to update the lines manually every time the invoice is going to be issued.

Using the standard Batch Posting facility it is possible to post as many recurring invoices as you want at the same time.

Void Payment

Void Payment is very helpful when you want to void a payment on a customer account.

Let’s say, for example, that you misapplied a payment to the wrong account or that a customer’s check bounces after you have posted the payment in Navision.

Normally, you will now have to manually create credit memos and debit memos on the customer account to reflect in Navision that the money is still owed.

You also have to reverse the check in the Cash Management system. All of these entries make it harder to get a true picture of your transactions with your customers.

How It Works

The Void Payment function reverses the payment and reopens the applied documents (typically invoices).

Everything is tracked in Navision so you will be able to see that the payment was voided. In other words, your audit trail is intact.

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