Golden Accounting System

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A software system designed by SMH Consulting.

About Golden Accounting System

GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM is a full-featured accounting suite for the small to medium sized enterprise. It is designed to fulfill the accounting needs of companies that have outgrown entry-level accounting systems or have specialized business needs.

The GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM" product suite contains five core accounting modules: Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Sales Order Invoicing, System Manager. In addition we offer additional accounting module package containing 4 modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Bank Reconciliation. GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM" also has a dynamic Sales Management Package containing the following modules: Contact Management, Data Exchange, and Message Manager. And for those who need sophisticated financial reporting we offer an Advanced Financial Package.

Core Modules Include:

  • Sales Order Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Accounts Receivable Module
  • Report Writer Module
  • System Manager Module

Accounting Modules Include:

  • General Ledger Module
  • Accounts Payable Module
  • Purchase Order Module
  • Bank Reconciliation Module

Customer Service Modules Include:

  • Contact Manager Module
  • Data Import Module

Importer Module Includes:

  • Container Tracking

Warehouse Module Includes (Includes Hardware):

  • Wireless Warehouse Scanning for
  • Receipt of Goods
  • Bin/Qty Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Wireless Warehouse scanning for:
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Shipment Staging

Additional Modules Available Are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Garment /Variation Module
  • Stand Alone Order Fulfillment Module (includes hardware)
  • Physical Inventory Control
  • Tradeshow Scanning Module (includes hardware)
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Accounts Payable

Vendor Entry program manages vendor information used during invoice entry and check printing. Alternate remit addresses for checks and default allocations to multiple expense accounts may be defined.

Invoice Entry allows due dates, discount due dates and discount amounts to be automatically calculated. An image of the invoice may be scanned and viewed. Invoice amounts may be distributed to any number of expense accounts.

Checks may be entered as manual checks or automatic checks. Voiding checks is a simple process. Partial payments are also supported. Discounts are automatically calculated based on terms.

Multiple bank accounts are supported. Payments can be set up to be generated automatically. Check format can be stock or customized.

Aged invoice report can be run for current period or prior AS OF DATE periods. Detailed transaction detail reports can be printed for specific date ranges and allows you to follow the full audit trail.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module manages all information relative to customer invoices and payments received. Application of cash is extremely efficient. Our exclusive “toggle” feature enables payments to be applied to invoices by a simple mouse click.

  • Terms Entry Set terms for the payment of invoices and for the application of discounts.
  • Customer Inquiry View and print transaction detail for a particular customer. The inquiry will show open as well as paid invoices with corresponding payment history. Instantly see 2 year sales history comparison by month /account.
  • Cash Receipts Entry Quickly and efficiently apply payments to outstanding invoices, enter prepayments or receive miscellaneous amounts without an invoice.
  • Sales Person Commissions Includes all commission amounts due to salespersons as well as the corresponding orders and invoices from which they originated. Commissions can be printed for all invoices or only invoices that have been paid.
  • Customer Statement Printing: Consolidate multiple orders to 1 invoice
  • Mass invoice multiple orders: Create invoices for customers on a cyclical basis.
  • Finance Charge Calculations: Create finance charges for past due customer invoices.
  • Aged Receivable Reports: Print reports for all open invoices based upon a given range of customers and aging dates. Aging may be reprinted as of any prior period. Statements are easy to read and include open invoices, paid invoices with corresponding check numbers, optional dunning messages, and a summary aging of the account.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module combines transaction detail from all accounting modules to provide a full snapshot of the company’s financial position, as well as a complete audit trail. The module is completely date sensitive. Transactions may be posted to any present, future or past accounting periods.

  • General Journal Entry: Post debit and credit entries to General Ledger accounts. Automatic reversal and recurring entries are supported.
  • General Ledger System Options: Customize the General Ledger to meet your needs. Define fiscal years and periods. Set the number of years to retain history files, and establish account segment sizes.
  • Account Inquiry: View transaction detail and summary information for any account. Drill down links are provided to view the original journal, for a complete audit trail.
  • Financial Statement Printing: Wizard Produce income statements and balance sheets, including actual and budget figures, for any given date range. Statements may be sent to the screen, printed, or to a Microsoft Excel worksheet.
  • Trial Balance Report: Print balances for General Ledger accounts for a given range of periods and years. Working trial balance reports may be created for ease in adjusting General Ledger accounts at period and year-end.
  • Financial Statement Printing: Create customized financial statements and schedules with this option. Utilizing Row and Column Entry, create your own personal financial reports. This option is provided for users whose requirements go beyond that of the Financial Statement Printing Wizard


Item Entry:

Define inventory items, assign vendors, scan images, and view quantity on hand information. Users may also define unit of measure conversions.

Item Warehouse Entry:

Define stock items for specific warehouses using this option. Users may set reorder quantities (for use with the Auto purchasing features), as well as view quantity information (On Hand, Available, on Sales Order, on Purchase Order, etc)

Customer Item Pricing:

Set special pricing for an individual customer or a set of customers (if Accounts Receivable module is installed). Users may create discount, markup, or override prices for customers, which will automatically appear during order entry. You can also set up pricing structures based on specific class of customer, for instance, a Stocking Dealer pays more than a Container Customer. Within this price structure you have 5 additional levels of pricing. In addition, when a customer requires you to document THEIR SKU/Item number, this system accommodates this as well

Transaction Processing Options:

Adjust inventory quantities quickly and easily through receipt, shipment, adjustment, warehouse transfers, and production options.

Mini Bill of Material Entry:

Create kit items with an unlimited number of components. This is also where you would control assortments/pre packs. With this feature you control whether the “components” print on the invoices, packing lists, sales orders (all or selected forms)

Physical Inventory Work Sheet:

Create and print worksheets to adjust item quantities.

Auto Purchasing:

Users may set order quantities to automatically reorder stock based on current quantities. If the Purchase order module is installed, users may automatically create purchase orders.

Inventory Valuation Report:

Print the current inventory quantities and values for items in all warehouses.

  • Inventory Quantities by Warehouse, Print items and respective quantities by warehouse.

Listings and Reports By:

Product Line, Inventory Warehouse, Alternate Item, Print inventory variances.

Report Writer

Foxfire! is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users of all skill levels. Users can query, report, graph, drill down and perform other data mining tasks from FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, MS SQL Server, Access, Sybase, and Oracle tables.

  • The ultimate query and report generator
  • A lighting-fast assistant for end users who lack technical or data skills
  • A power tool for developers who are tired of answering questions about reporting and don’t want to do it themselves

Foxfire!'s simple forms and rich data dictionary eliminate the techno-trivia. With Foxfire! almost anyone can instantly create:

  • Data mining and extracts
  • Complex queries
  • Ad hoc reporting to paper, PDF, email
  • Excel spreadsheets, charts and pivot tables
  • XML
  • Cross tabs
  • Much, much more

Best of all, Foxfire! is customizable. No more waiting for that next release. Add all the features you need in minutes. Without modifying source code.

With our unique WIZARD, users are “stepped” through creating their own reports, or as they become familiar with the system, can create their own sophisticated complex reports. Our managed query environment and quick-report generator allow users to create the most complex queries and reports without technical skill or programming

With more than 130 customized sales analysis reports, you have all the information you can imagine at your finger tips.

Our report writer includes Mail Merge reports, Labels, Letters, and more than 100 Excel spread sheets.

Sales Order

The Sales Order module effectively manages all phases of the customer order process from quote entry to invoicing to shipping. Various management reports are available to analyze demand for products.

UPS World Ship/FedEx/DHL Integration

Freight charges will automatically be computed by the freight company and freight value and tracking numbers are automatically uploaded to the invoice. Along with this integration, you can also specify consignee or third party billing.

Ship to Address Entry

Create multiple shipping addresses for customers. When entering sales orders, the addresses may be quickly retrieved.

Sales Order Entry

Enter sales orders, invoices, credit memos, backorders, return authorizations and quotes. This option interfaces with inventory to determine if items are available. Alternate items can be displayed. Deposits and discounts are also supported. Special customer pricing may be maintained “on the fly”. New sales orders can be generated from customer sales history.

Order/Invoice History Inquiry

Review and print prior sales orders, credit memos, backorders, and invoices. Up sell customer from Order Entry while the customer is on the phone.

Sales Journal/History

Reprint any updated sales journal to provide a complete audit trail. Ranges may be set to print for a given date range, invoice range or customer range.

Listings and Look up by Ship Address, Phone, Rep or the user can set their own choice.

Other Reports such as: Order Summary, Sales by Customer, Sales by Item, Open Item Detail, Item Demand, Sales by Product Line, Bookings reports.

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User Reviews of Golden Accounting System

Submitted on December 8th, 2017 by Linda

I like it. We are satisfied with it.

The Good…

The contact Sherry is always there when you need her. Great customer support.

The Bad…

I can’t think of anything

Submitted on July 8th, 2016 by Lesley

I have used this product for 10 years and worked with SMH for 30+ years. We use it to manage our inventory, purchases, accounts receivable and sales orders as well as produce full financials.

The Good…

I have to say their support is amazing. The program is very user friendly and extremely powerful.

The Bad…

When running it on our server it was a bit slow. We switched to the cloud and now it is lightning fast.