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A software system designed by Standard Software.

About Stansoft Linux

Stansoft Linux financial accounting software offers a complete accounting solution for every business. It utilizes an IBM Informix database, a relational database management system giving you a system that is simple, flexible, and productive. Having no limit on the number of users per installation, allows for scalability from very small to very large companies. The Linux operating system was chosen to provide a stable, true multi-user environment. The user interface is ncurses / terminal based to optimize data entry efficiency. With accounting being a text based activity, a character based system is the perfect match for the task. Not only does a terminal application provide for a fast system, but it also allows for easy remote deployment and can be run on a virtual private server (VPS) in the cloud. Stansoft is available for immediate download as a fully functional version.

Included in the suite are modules for petroleum marketers and convenience store operators. The Fuel Management, Fuel Dispatch and Retail Sales modules were developed for petroleum wholesalers, distributors, marketers and c-store operators. There is also a Gilbarco Passport back office interface.

Accounts Payable

  • Enter vendor invoices

Vendor payments are entered in accounts payable invoice entry, depending on the type of payment the invoice amount is distributed to general ledger accounts, or if it is a fuel invoice the bill of lading will be matched to the invoice, or if it is a purchase of unit inventory such as oil, the inventory receiver is matched to the invoice. The invoice will then be scheduled for check printing.

  • Print Checks

After vendor invoices have been entered, the accounts payable check print program is used to select invoices for payment and print checks.

  • ACH Payments

  • Check Reconciliation

  • Vendor Invoice Display

Accounts payable vendor invoice display shows a detailed listing of vendor invoices and indicates if the invoice is open or paid.

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer account display

Customer account display shows a customers open invoices and the aging. Selecting an invoice will display detail for that invoice.

  • Payment entry

Enter customer payments and apply payment to invoices.

  • ACH Payments

Fuel Dispatch

  • Enter dispatch orders

Enter fuel dispatch orders and print dispatch tickets. Fuel dispatch orders will be completed in the fuel movement program and the customer will be invoiced.

  • Print dispatch tickets

Fuel Management

  • Fuel movement entry

Enter fuel movements from supplier terminal or bulk storage to customer destination. The system ensures that the BOL balances to the delivery invoices.

  • Fuel vendor cost entry/import

General Ledger

  • General journal entry

Enter G/L general journal entries for miscellaneous transactions or to reconcile accounts.

  • Trial Balance

  • Financial Statements


  • Receive inventory

In the receive inventory program, receivers for inventory items purchased are entered.

  • Inventory control


  • Enter employee checks

Employee earnings and deductions are entered in payroll check entry, taxes are automatically calculated based on the tax tables.

  • Federal, State, and Local Tax Calculations

  • Tracks Time Off, Vacation, Sick, Personal

  • Creates Magnetic Media File for W2 Wage Reporting

Retail Sales

  • Daily c-store report entry

C-store daily reports track sales, purchases, and inventory for retail gas stations.

  • Pricebook interface to Gilbarco Passport POS

The retail sales price book module is for creating and maintaining an electronic price book for barcode scanning. It interfaces with the Gilbarco Passport POS system. The price book program can electronically receive and import item pricing from vendors or items and pricing can be manually entered. This module may be run as a standalone product, if you wish to retain your existing accounting package.

Price Book Features

  • Supports UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN/UCC-13

  • Price file format: NACS XML Version 3.4, Gilbarco Passport XMLGateway Version 3.4

  • Mass update prices based on sales group

  • Schedule future price changes

  • Item mix and match promotion pricing eg. 2 for 3.00

  • Run from either the back office or from a central site

  • The only c-store price book program that is completely automated, no user interaction needed at the store level


  • Invoice entry

The sales invoice entry program is for entering invoices for items sold to customers. It will show current inventory levels and alert you if the customers account is past due. General ledger entries will be made to accounts receivable and sales.

  • Print customer invoices

Tax Control

  • State and Federal Excise Tax Reporting

  • State Sales Tax Reporting

Product Overview

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