SymPro Treasury Management Software

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A multi-module management system designed by SymPro Software.

About SymPro Treasury Management Software

SymPro is the industry leader in providing integrated Treasury Management Software solutions for Government, Corporations and Portfolio Managers.

SymPro’s many pioneering techniques in Government and Corporate Treasury Operations have revolutionized the world of professional investment management.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on SymPro to comprehensively manage investment, debt, and cash portfolios with increased accuracy and efficiency–leading to data integrity and reliability.

Enjoy your visit with SymPro! Discover how SymPro Software can help you to become more successful in your area of Treasury Operations and reduce the challenges of meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

Cash Management Product

With SymPro’s Cash Management product you have easy access to your cash accounts. You can instantly retrieve bank information and can reconcile transactions.

Consolidates imported bank transactions and electronic funds transfers with transactions in the SymPro Fixed Income, Debt and Equity modules to present an integrated cash position worksheet.

Debt Product

A comprehensive system for a debt issuer to manage and administer a debt program. Includes Debt issue, issuance costs, security definitions, detail and summary reporting on interest and principal payments, outstanding debt balances, variable rate interest calculations and interfaces to enterprise-wide Cash Flow Reporting.

Uses a structured set of debt obligations with call, sinking fund, term, and redemption analysis. Tracks outstanding debt at all levels and does arbitrage and cash flow calculations. Reports on par value, interest, and principal.

Fixed Income / Equity Product

SymPro’s flagship Fixed Income investment product provides a comprehensive approach to fixed income investment management.

Calculates prior and current valuations, portfolio composition, earnings analysis, schedules of cash flows and maturities, buying and selling analysis positions with ýwhat ifý gain/loss calculations, sector and category analysis.

Performance tracking reports with yields and effective rate of return are available, along with compliance reporting such as GASB/FASB. In all, over 50 standard reports available.

General Ledger Interface

A real time-saver that also decreases data entry errors when posting to your GL. Creates general ledger journal entries to reflect investment transaction activity within a portfolio for a specific date range.

The activity includes purchases, sales, maturities, income earned, interest/dividends received, change in value, and related journal entries to reflect investment, debt, and cash transactions.

Users can view the journal entries on screen, print reports, or export the data to an external general ledger application.

Your accounting department can view each entry before posting, view exceptions, or import the entire transaction set.

Once the journal transactions are created, you can view the transaction file on screen, print reports based on the file’s data, and export the data to an external accounting application or to a variety of ASCII and spreadsheet formats.

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if you love windows 3.2 or dos you will love this interface

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it requires data entry

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it requires data entry