A multi-module treasury management system designed by SymPro Software which includes investment, debt, and cash management modules.

Product Overview

SymPro is a treasury management software solution used by public sector entities for over 30 years. It is comprised of 3 modules: Investment Management, Debt Management, and Cash Management. Users can select one or all three depending on theri specific needs. Key features include investment portfolio accounting, reporting, analysis, and a comprehensive library for managing outstanding obligations. The investment solution is GASB compliant.

The software also features time-saving capabilities by interfacing with other systems and provides secure access for multiple users with varying levels of control and functionality. These features make it a highly specialized tool for public sector treasury management.


  • Can run a single software or combine all three
  • Investment management module is GASB 31 compliant
  • Over 50+ standard reports


  • Pricing information unavailable
  • Only supports public sector operations

Target Market

Public sector organizations looking for a solution to manage their treasury functions, including investment and debt management as well as cash operations.

About SymPro

SymPro Software Products

SymPro products can be combined or purchased separately:

Investment Management

The SymPro Investment Management Software solution offers complete investment portfolio accounting, reporting, and analysis, ensuring compliance with GASB 31 standards. It’s designed to manage and analyze investment portfolios comprehensively.

Cash Management

SymPro’s Cash Management product provides easy access to cash accounts, including instant retrieval of bank information and reconciliation of transactions. It consolidates bank transactions and electronic funds transfers, integrating them with Fixed Income, Debt, and Equity modules to present a unified cash position worksheet.

Debt Management

This system is tailored for debt issuers to manage and administer debt programs. It includes features for managing debt issues, issuance costs, security definitions, and detailed reporting on various aspects like interest, principal payments, and outstanding debt balances. The system also performs variable rate interest calculations, arbitrage, and cash flow calculations, and provides reports on par value, interest, and principal.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of SymPro

Submitted on May 13th, 2021 by Anonymous

if you love windows 3.2 or dos you will love this interface

The Good…

it requires data entry

The Bad…

it requires data entry