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Is Your Business Outgrowing Quickbooks?

TLG Accounting PRO 8.0 includes the easy-to-use workflow menus and attractive interface you loved in Quickbooks without sacrificing the powerful features that your growing business needs.

Does Your Software Fit Your Business or Does Your Business Have to Fit Your Software?

TLG PRO can easily be customized to allow your business to run as efficiently as possible. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter software that forces your business practices to conform. Written completely in Microsoft Access, TLG PRO is perfect for companies requiring feature rich software without a large budget.

Are You Ready to Cross Borders?

TLG Accounting PRO is capable of handling large multinational companies with features like true multiple warehouse support and a segmented General Ledger for keeping track of departments / divisions / offices. The multi-currency feature will allow you to conduct foreign currency transactions with ease. TLG PRO also boasts power and scalability through the use of the Microsoft SQL server database, which will give your business power to expand like never before.

How Much Time Can You Save by Integrating Systems?

Our Modular Add-ons will allow you to consolidate all of your primary software tasks. The brand new Day Planner Add-On can easily take the place of your contact management software, allowing you to follow your contacts from prospect to customer to repeat customer without having to re-enter any information or do a tedious import of data. All of your customers’ contact information will be at your fingertips alongside the crucial information in the accounting software about their order and payment history. The ShipRush - UPS & FedEx Module will save time on every shipment by automatically delivering the shipping information from your invoice to UPS Worldship. The time and errors that this add-on will save are immediately reflected in your bottom line.

Is Your Business Information Traveling Down a One-Way Street?

It’s no longer enough to have an automated system for entering data, you need a system that can extract information from that data to give you a competitive edge. The flexible report-writing capabilities of Microsoft Access give you complete freedom to analyze and mine the information that accumulates in your accounting software. Also, our Advanced Report Writer gives you the capability to modify any of our 200+ included reports, create new reports using a simple wizard and export your reports into your other office tools like Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat.

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