Macabe MAS 500 EASY Solutions

An accounting software system designed by The Macabe Associates.

About Macabe MAS 500 EASY Solutions

The Macabe MAS 500 EASY Solutions are designed specifically to enhance and extend Sage MAS 500 software.

Macabe is a leading developer for Sage MAS 500 products. These enhancements have been created to satisfy the real life needs of previous customers.

These applications are designed to meet various needs, from complete system wide enhancements to expanding upon one simple function of the software. Some of the more expansive applications found in Macabe EASY Solutions are included here, although there are dozens of more simplistic software applications to expand the functionality of your Sage MAS 500 software.

Electronic Fund Transfers for AP

The Electronic Funds Transfer for AP software from The Macabe Associates, Inc., will simplify your vendor payments and reduces the risk of check fraud.

The system will create an ACH file for transfer with your bank. Your money will then be electronically wired from your company’s account directly to your vendor’s account. This will avoid any problems associated with lost/stolen checks.

Some of the Additional Features of the System Include:

  • Email remittance advice in PDF format
  • Seamless transactions without user intervention
  • Generates electronic payment stubs
  • Multi-Company direct deposit

Electronic Fund Transfers for AP works in hand-in-hand with Sage MAS 500 accounting system.

Electronic Invoice Delivery

The Electronic Invoice Delivery software from The Macabe Associates, Inc., gives you the ability to transmit your invoices directly to your customers electronically.

Electronic Invoice Delivery Provides Many Benefits Including:

  • Less labor time printing and stuffing invoices
  • Reduced cost in paper, envelopes and postage
  • Faster invoice delivery to customers
  • Reduced time to receive customer payments
  • Improved customer relations

The time and expense of printing, stuffing and mailing invoices quickly pay for this Sage MAS 500 inexpensive system enhancement.

The system gives you the ability to fax, email, or print invoices by contact. To ensure that only appropriate invoices are mailed, the system only makes posted invoices available for electronic delivery. You are able to setup multiple contacts for each customer, ensuring that you can meet the requests of any client.

Electronic Statement Delivery

The Electronic Statement Delivery software from The Macabe Associates, Inc., provides the ability to electronically deliver accounts receivables statements to specified customer contacts. This added functionality in your AR statement printing gives you the option of faxing, emailing, or printing statements by contact. In addition, each customer may have multiple contacts for electronic delivery of statements.

Electronic Statement Delivery works in hand-in-hand with your Sage MAS 500 accounting system.

Paperless Journals and Registers

The Paperless Journals and Registers software from The Macabe Associates, Inc., gives you the ability to automatically and effortlessly store all your documents in Adobe PDF format.

The system can modify the standard printing process in MAS 500 to print all batch journals and registers in the paperless PDF format. Using the Paperless Office Report Viewer you are able to easily retrieve these documents from within Sage MAS 500. This system combines current technology and efficiency with ease of access, to provide you with a central repository for all your vital documents.

Positive Pay for AP

Looking for a way to reduce your monthly bank reconciliation in your Sage MAS 500 system? Positive Pay for AP does just that.

In addition, check fraud is a major concern that needs attention. Positive Pay helps prevent check fruad by means of a digital confirmation of checks issued for payment.

The Positive Pay for AP software from The Macabe Associates, Inc., produces Postive pay output files from Sage MAS 500 system. Basically the system will create text files that notify the bank of each check you have issued and each check that has been voided. This then confirms all checks submitted to the bank for payment were issued by your company and not voided. The files sent to the bank contain information such as check number, check status, date issued, and amount.

The system helps reduce your exposure to the risk of check fraud while reducing the bank reconciliation process to unmatched items only. The Positive Pay for AP application will give your business a priceless level of added security.

Positive Pay for AP works in hand-in-hand with your Sage MAS 500 accounting system.

User Defined Fields for MAS 500

The User Defined Fields software from The Macabe Assoicates, Inc., allows you to modify MAS500 entities and create new fields for your customer specific information. The system allows you to create up to 60 user defined fields per entity and control the field length up to 255 characters. Each created field is automatically placed on a user defined tab in the MAS 500 entity form.

To give you added control, the system allows you to setup tab stops, field lables and ýmouse overý tool tips. The system also includes a validation tool that uses standard MAS 500 searches combined with custom lookups for validation with data in external databases.

You Are Able to Create User Defined Fields for Any of the Following MAS 500 Entities:

  • Maintain Vendors
  • Maintain Customers
  • Maintain Projects
  • Maintain Items
  • Maintain Routing Header
  • Maintain Routing Lines
  • Purchase Order Header
  • Purchase Order Lines
  • AR Cash Receipts
  • AR Invoice Header
  • AR Invoice Lines
  • Edit Shipments Header
  • Edit Shipments Lines
  • Rcpt of Goods Header
  • Rcpt of Goods Lines
  • Rcpt of Invoice Header
  • Rcpt of Invoice Lines
  • Sales Order Header
  • Sales Order Lines
  • WO Maintenance Header
  • WO Maintenance Lines

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