Cloud-based small business accounting software.

About theBiz

theBIZ is an innovative web-based accounting suite built to handle the day to day operations of your business to provide fast and accurate entries for your General Ledger. Also, add on other modules like the payables, receivables, budgeting, and inventory modules to fully track your business’ health.

BizConnect: Ability to import and export your business data.

  • Import data in mass as needed throughout all applications within theBIZ.
  • Allows easy and quick ability to add data like invoices, accounts, vendors and customers.
  • Export data within theBIZ to manipulate your master data in mass.

Reporting: Stay on top of your business with balance sheets, income statements and many other reports. Create custom financial reports to fit your unique business needs.

  • Select from a number of standard report templates.
  • Access to a report builder to customize the reports based upon your unique business needs.
  • Export reports into multiple formats including PDF, JPEG, XLSX, HTML, etc.

Data Integrity: theBIZ is Generally Accepted Accounting Principles compliant.

  • Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) refer to the standard framework of guidelines for financial accounting in the United States.
  • theBIZ assists the user in staying within the GAAP framework by design of the databases along with the application of referral integrity within the application.
  • An architectural feature provided by theBIZ is referred to as “referential integrity” that prevents users of theBIZ from entering inconsistent data that would create transactions and balances that do NOT adhere to GAAP.

Security: Your data will always remain secure with industry leading cloud infrastructure. Regular 3rd party audits and inspections are conducted.

  • Microsoft Azure data centers provide strict physical and network security.
  • Industry standard encryption leveraged to keep data private.
  • Automatic backups provide geo-redundant point in time restore within past 14 days.
  • Business continuity achieved through geo-redundant data centers.


Budgeting: Ability to create blank or import actual numbers. Fully integrated with theBIZ General Ledger.

  • Build unlimited budgets to help business forecast its future.
  • Add notes and attach documentation to compliment a budget
  • Assign budget items to additional users for budget building
  • Rollup to finalize master budget
  • Access payroll and fixed asset calculators for rapid budget development.
  • Both “bottom up” and “top down” budget creation


Dashboards: theBIZ Dashboard offers a clear snapshot of important business indicators.

  • Real time balance for all of your bank accounts.
  • Review your top five customers and top five vendors.
  • Provides a six week moving cash forecast.
  • Average days related to bill payment versus average days for invoice receipts.
  • Provides a quick look at outstanding accounts payable and receivable.

General Ledger

General Ledger: Account framework is completely flexible to mirror your current accounts setup. Supports journal entries and the ability to define your fiscal periods.

  • Ability to add multiple segments and separators as needed for your chart of accounts.
  • User defined fiscal periods
  • Review details and summaries of specific journal entries and business accounts.
  • Build countless batches and journal entries within the General Ledger.
  • Ability to have multiple accounting periods and multiple fiscal years open at one time.
  • Supports recurring journal entries.


Inventory: Receive, maintain, count, value, ship and report all activities of inventory movement within the business. Fully integrated with theBIZ General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules.

  • Supports multiple warehouses as well as transfers between warehouses.
  • Supports ABC cycle counting as well as schedule physical counts or warehouses with automated adjustments to theBIZ Inventory related to the results of the physical counts.
  • Supports Standard Cost, Current Cost as well as List Price for each item
  • Supports Standard Cost, FIFO Perpetual and LIFO Perpetual valuation methods per inventory item.
  • Supports user defined units of measure, substitute items, per inventory item as well as preferred vendors, per inventory item.

Manage Bills

Manage Bills: Enter, edit and pay bills quickly. Create payment groups to streamline payment schedule.

  • Ability to review all outstanding and paid bills.
  • Create new or edit existing bills to be paid.
  • Attach notes and attachments to bills for documentation
  • Simple quick check print from bills
  • Pay bills by checks and electronic bill pay
  • Ability to create personal payment groups and classes
  • Post and track bills from computer, tablet or smartphone


Mobile: Access theBIZ, a cloud based application, with any web-enabled device.

  • Built from the ground up to support touchscreen technology in today’s computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Keep up to date with your business on the go, anywhere, anytime.

Sync Bank Accounts

Sync Bank Accounts: Pull your accounts and transactions to automatically reconcile your bank statements.

  • Securely login with credentials to view account balances and transactions
  • Automated access to daily transactions for all bank accounts
  • Synchronize and reconcile transactions in theBIZ with transactions that are coming in from your business’ bank account(s)
  • Keep books balanced with minimal user input

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