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A web-based multi-module management system designed by Thomson Reuters for accounting/legal/professional companies.
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TrustEase is a web-based software package that will provide you with everything you need to manage your trust accounting processes; and to accurately, and in a timely manner, file your taxes. TrustEase has the capability to handle every return and estimate you must complete. Forms supported include: 1041, 1099, 990, 5227, and 1041A.

Trust Tax Reporting

TrustEase will provide you with everything you need to report your trust taxes in an accurate and timely manner. TrustEase will manage tax data throughout the year; allowing you to meet tax deadlines without worrying about inaccurate returns. Using a database TrustEase will automatically find and gather data from your trust accounts; and use it to populate the database. TrustEase works with many popular trust accounting software packages to provide seamless integration. Since this product is web-based; TrustEase will automatically handle upgrades, maintenance, disaster recovery, and security.

TrustEase also provides you with several options to manage trust tax data for more efficient reporting. The presence of multiple editing and viewing options, allow you to easily manage any number of trust accounts. Additionally, the Account Binder and Register will organize all relevant data for a trust account. This in-turn will allow you to perform searches, sort, and filter said data. By subscribing to TrustEase, you will enable multiple users to edit data without duplicating files. Finally, TrustEase gives you the capability to print data and reports in many spreadsheet and text formats, for the benefit of your clients.

Workflow Manager

TrustEase will also provide a valuable workflow management function for administrators. With this function, managers can access data, files, or accounts whenever needed. This allows managers to check progress, edit data, and make revisions while a task is in progress. TrustEase also allows managers to see which employee is working on which task; ensuring that resources are properly allocated and tasks are on schedule.

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