An accurate and powerful reconciliation automation software.

About ReconNET

The ReconNET reconciliation system can help you automate over 90% of your financial reconciliation and account balancing processes in a single system. With ReconNET, your staff can do more in less time and focus on resolving exceptions, not discovering them.

ReconNET manages reconciliation and research for any type of account – depository, loan, credit/debit card, suspense, unclaimed property, collection, disbursement, General Ledger, vault, teller, ATM, Federal Reserve, and others. With ReconNET, your organization can cut costs, reduce risk, tighten controls, increase compliance and make more informed decisions.

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ReconNET Features

  • Automated transaction matching
  • Controld and reporting
  • Anticipatory ACH
  • SOX and BASEL II Compliance

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User Reviews of ReconNET

Submitted on July 23rd, 2019 by Kathryn Lepinski from Holiday Companies

Volume wise I handle 5,000 transactions every day. Something we can put a file out there in a load, hit run, and usually reconcile off about 99% of thsoe. We are only left with small numbers which are penny variances, meaning we have to go to a very small amount of detailed reconciliations. To find issues in the company that need to be researched, such as a deposit not getting to the bank, we can mark deposit from the store. We can fly through one reconciliation in an hour one-time a week. Every new people coming into our department feel it’s simple to sit down and learn the system in half of a morning. It’s very user friendly,