A software system designed by Trust.Me Software for finance & insurance companies.

About Trust.Me

Trust.Me is a complete pension and retirement plan trust accounting and transaction entry system designed and maintained by accounting and pension professionals to:

  • Facilitate and simplify data entry
  • Calculate gains/losses on investments
  • Maintain complete accounting records and investment balances
  • Produce all needed financial reports and 5500 information in proper format

Easy Setup

  • Just four items of data to start a new client.
  • Enter beginning balances at any time.
  • Add transaction accounts – bank, broker, savings, etc. – at any time.

User Friendly

  • Provides extensive on screen help.
  • Uses many selection lists to facilitate entry and avoid error.

Quick and Easy Data Entry

  • Imports data from broker statements,or facilitates error-free and rapid data entry from bank, broker or other statements.
  • Creates purchase transaction when reinvested income is entered.
  • Automatically calculates interest and principal for a loan repayment.
  • Allows entries for a future plan year.

Extensive Error Avoidance and Correction

  • Checks every entry field for accuracy.
  • Shows entries on screen at all times.
  • Makes corrections simple – point and click to change an entry.
  • Finds a previously entered transaction quickly using key data fields.

Preview and Print Formatted Reports

  • Provides reports for any period: month, quarter, year.
  • Shows reports in a fully scrollable preview window.
  • Prints most reports in proportional type face on a laser or ink jet printer.
  • Formats statements in compliance with American Institute of CPA guidelines.
  • Reports can be submitted to client and government agencies without change.

Comprehensive Lists and Reports

  • Provides reports for any period: month, quarter, year.
  • Financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, investment balances, etc.
  • Form 5500 financial data for both Schedule H and I.
  • Investment activity summary: beginning balance, purchases, sales, gains/losses, and ending balance for every investment. Calculates return on investments.
  • Statement of investment gains and losses for year and since acquired.
  • General ledger, trial balance, and entry proof lists for complete control and audit trail.

Calculates Gains or Losses

  • Computes realized gain or loss on each sale or as investments change.
  • Accepts new market values any number of times to generate unrealized gains and losses at any date.
  • Accepts market values either per unit or in total and calculates the other value and unrealized gain or loss.

Combines Two or More Trusts

  • Combines two or more self-directed participant accounts (files) into a single new one (file) for combined reporting Ideal for 401k plans with two or more participants.
  • No limit on number that may be combined.

Master Investment Valuation File

  • Create one or more master investment files from selected client files so market values may be enter just once and used to add current values to any individual file.

Other Major Features

  • Tracks and reports on participant distributions.
  • Tracks and reports on participant loans and repayments. Calculates and enters interest and principal portion of each loan repayment.
  • Contains an interest and loan amortization calculator.
  • Exports financial data to forms preparation software.
  • Imports transactions from broker supplied electronic files.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Trust.Me

Submitted on April 14th, 2015 by Ryan

It’s a decent program however the creator has stopped making changes to it. There are a lot of little things that get annoying when trying to input transactions and many things that could make it much more efficient. However that is not an option.

The Good…

It gets the job done.

The Bad…

There are many little things that get annoying. My least favorite thing is when I’m purchasing certain funds and select one from the drop down list instead of typing in the code, it adds unnecessary numbers to the end of the description. Either that or the program not allowing you to enter in 0 units for a purchase and keeps moving the selected box back to units until you fix it.