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About Twinfield

Twinfield is the market leader for real-time accounting solutions in Europe.

People within many organizations use the online systems of Twinfield. The users can collaborate from any place in the world at any desired moment of the day.

Experience the thrill of real-time information. With just a few mouse clicks you can see the financial position of your company.

Twinfield offers simple yet advanced bookkeeping, registration for time&expenses, billing and reporting. Online, well secured and for a fixed monthly fee per user.

Twinfield Service Desk

An accountant or CPA can create a Service Desk for its clients with Twinfield. The basic principle of the Service Desk is the active part of the clients.

They can enter the data for the financial administration such as bank statements and purchase invoices.

This can be done through a secure website as you might know from Internet banking. There is no software installation and you do not have to worry about updates or maintenance.

All questions, entered data and reports will be sent through this website to you, the accountant and your clients.

The Service Desk is attractive to current and new customers. You will reach a higher customer satisfaction degree and the quantity of clients can grow without the need to hire more advisors. If your client calls you with a question, you can simply look into the administration of your client form any desired place.

Your client will be involved in the basic process (data entry) while you are still in control. You can generate all desired reports and function as a financial advisor, you can check all data entered and… all of this can be done without one floppy disc!

Twinfield Time & Expenses

If you are looking for a complete application to handle time and expenses, then we have the right solution for you: Twinfield Time&Expenses.

Twinfield Time&Expenses is the most complete real-time solution for managing time, expenses and quantities. Your organization can get a real time overview of the work in progress situation. Just as all the other Twinfield products, you can enter Time&Expenses through the Internet.

Different rates, quantities, declarations per time period and the possibility to delegate the data entry to another person. It can all be arranged with Twinfield Time&Expenses.

Twinfield V5.2

You can access your administration 24 hours per day and 7 days per week with the real time products of Twinfield.

At the office, at home, while visiting suppliers, partners or in foreign countries you can work on your administration and retrieve desired data.

The only requirement is a computer with an Internet connection.

Imagine the following situations:

  • The financial director gives you a call. He wants to have a recent report about the accounts receivable.
  • With Twinfield you can generate a report without the interference of your accountant. The data is updated up to the moment of retrieving. Of course the report can be printed, but it can also be e-mailed to other users or you can share it in the administration.
  • The sales department calls you to ask for the status of payments for a certain client. With Twinfield you can login from any desired place in the world as long as you can access the Internet. Check the payment status of the client 24x7.
  • You are accountant. Each month many hours are lost because you have to travel to your clients.
  • With Twinfgield you can serve all your clients at once and from the place you prefer: your office, at home or from any other desired location.
  • You can see the administration of all your clients at once, check all postings and make corrections. While not spending time to travel, you can serve more clients and you will have more time available to give advices about financial matters.

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