Access Your Biz Professional Accounting Software

A full accounting software system designed by Weber Systems for startups and small organizations.

About Access Your Biz Professional Accounting Software

Access Your Biz specializes in customizable accounting software that is developed using Microsoft Access.

This full featured mid-level program offers features specific to the Wholesale / Distribution industry, yet is flexible enough to handle other general business needs.

Access Your Biz Professional Edition will service your business needs enabling you to track over 5,000 transactions each year!

Vertical Applications include Retail POS and the Service industry.

Source Code available.

Accounts Payable

Comprehensive management of Vendor Invoices, Payments, Terms and more. Integrated with Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger.

  • Post and Edit Invoices
  • Custom Payment Terms
  • Print Checks
  • Unlimited G/L Distribution
  • Add Vendors and G/L Accounts ‘On the Fly’
  • Predefine G/L Accounts for each Vendor
  • Full Integration with Check Register for Bank Reconciliation
  • Handle Foreign currency variations when posting A/P Check
  • Recurring Invoices
  • 1099 Support
  • Temporary Vendors
  • Separate Remittance Addresses
  • Void Computer or Handwritten Checks
  • Add Invoices ‘On the Fly’ when posting Handwritten Checks
  • Vendor Aging report for any point in time
  • Ability to update Vendor Name and Address during posting A/P Invoice

Accounts Receivable

Manage all aspects of Customer Invoicing and Collections. Integrates with Sales Order, Inventory Control, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger.

  • Track Open Receivables
  • Customer Aging and Average Pay Days
  • Credit Limit Warning
  • Line Item Based Commissions
  • Dunning Letters
  • Multiple Invoice Formats
  • User Definable Payment Terms
  • Charge Interest to Over Due Accounts
  • Print Customer Statements with or without Payment Detail
  • Sales and Profit Reports
  • Process Payment Discounts
  • Custom Payment Types
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Print Invoices with or without a Logo
  • Online Inquiry System with Drill Down Interface
  • User Definable Aging Columns
  • Customer Aging report for any point in time
  • Eliminate $0 balance invoices and payments from printing on customer statements

Bank Reconcilliation

Process all transactions for an unlimited number of banks. Integrates with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, Accounts Payable, & Payroll.

  • Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Track Deposits in Transit
  • Clear Transactions in Bulk via Date or Check Number
  • Unlimited Options for Sorting and Searching Transactions
  • Process Wire Transfers
  • Print Reconciliation Proof
  • Gathers Cash Receipts from A/R into Separate Deposits
  • Add Missing Entries ‘On the Fly’
  • Print Non-Vendor Checks
  • Tracks Separate Numbers for Handwritten and Computer Checks
  • Add Entries Without Affecting G/L Balance
  • Post ATM and Bank Fees
  • Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • Download your Bank Statement
  • Full Integration with G/L and All Other Modules

Consolidated Ledger

Allows the combining of up to 5 separate companies into one company for the purposes of printing financial statements.

Reports include all General Ledger reports currently available in the General Ledger module.

General Ledger

The General Ledger is Date sensitive for G/L Postings. Posting to the current year and two prior years is supported in all modules. The Ledger supports Departments for easy tracking of Profit Centers.

However, departments can also be summarized for easy viewing for overall company profitability. Overhead can be applied to departments based up percentage of sales. Financial statements show with prior month and prior year comparisons.

Income Statement and Trial Balance reports can be printed for any date range time period including days or weeks.

Reports on all Sub-ledgers are categorized into the following categories:

Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts, Payroll, Sales, Purchases, Journal Entry, Year End and Other.

Transactional history can be kept indefinitely and reported on. The Ledger Inquiry system makes finding G/L information a snap. Journal Entries made with Bank accounts are integrated with the Bank Reconciliation system. Warning message for postings with irregular date (1/5/02 vs 1/5/03). Journal Entry templates. Import Journal Entries, great for outsourced payroll.

Integrity Monitor & E-Mail Alerts

The Integrity Monitor is a great tool to ensure that everything is cool. It is usually run at night on a scheduler program. It has two modes, automatic and manual. In automatic mode, it will repair and compact all data files and make a 3 tier back up of all data files.

Backup files area kept in the same location with file extension bak1, bak2 and bak3. If also compares various data for integrity and allows you to trigger an e-mail alert if necessary.

For example, If you’re A/R account in the G/L does not match your aging report, it will tell you and print the difference. There are over 20 user configurable options that support the e-mail alert (or print alert).

Inventory Control

Manage a perpetual Inventory through Sales, Purchases, Adjustments and Inventory Procurement. Inventory items support Service and Non-service items.

Print bar code labels. Track Units On Hand, Units on Sales Orders, Units On Purchase Orders, Units Available for Sale, and Units Back Ordered. Track these for multiple warehouses and bin/shelf location. Track profit.

Assign and manage Serial Numbers. Product Codes can be 20 characters in length and supports standard UPC bar codes or user defined codes. Tricoder/Portable bar code scanner support for Physical Inventory. Implement Multi-level Pricing. Setup Inventory specific Commission Rates.

User defined Units of Measure. Category and Product Line tracking. Capture a Product Image and an unlimited Product Description. Track Last Sale, Last Receipt, Last Order, Re-order Point, Re-order Amount, Days to Reorder and much more.


Payroll Processing allows generation of Payroll checks for Salaried, Hourly or Time Card. Handle up to 6 user defined Payroll Deduction.

Track Sick Days, Vacation Days, Last Review, Next Review, Last Raise and Amount, Employees Goals and Objectives, Employment History, Emergency Information and Direct Deposit information. Payroll transfers all information directly to the General Ledger.

It also transfers Payroll Tax information to Accounts Payable for payment of taxes. Prints 1099, W2, 940 and 941. Employee Picture.

Purchase Order

Generate Purchase Orders to replenish inventory or to track purchases for non-inventory items. Add Vendors and Inventory ‘On the Fly’.

Supports multiple inventory warehouses. Automatic creation of Purchase Order items from inventory re-order points.

Automatic Warehouse transfer to replenish one warehouse from another, great for central receiving and warehouse distribution scenarios. Units of Measure handle necessary quantity conversions and printout on actual Purchase Orders.

Purchase Order Ship Date, and Promised Date allow precise tracking of open Purchase Orders. Purchase Order Line items support a Percentage Discounts, Taxable Status, Extended Product Descriptions, Vendor Part#, Cost, and more. Tracks Items received including the Location and the time of receiving.

Items can be partially received, received in full or over received. Track actual and average Lead Times for items purchased. Print Bar Code labels for items received.

Sales Order

Sales Order system is extremely user-friendly. Access to product sales and purchase history during Order Entry. Maintain multiple price levels and Contract Pricing. Supports multiple warehouses.

Use the flexible notepad to include extensive product descriptions. Process Commissions, Discounts or Up Charges on a line item basis. Customer alert messages can be printed on Sales Orders or simply displayed during Order Entry. Add customers and inventory items ‘On the Fly’.

Entry supports Bar Code scanning. Prints Packing Slips, Pick Tickets, Sales Orders, UPS COD Tags, Invoices and more. Print Price Override report or Voided Sales Order report. Supports multiple shipping addresses, along with contact and phone information. Separate comments for the Packing Slip.

Weight totals for the order are displayed on screen and printed on the packing slips and pick tickets. Enter deposits directly into the Order Entry screen.

Shipped Sales Orders can be un-shipped to reverse the Invoice and re-create the Sales Order. Recurring Sales Orders. Route and Stop features for companies that do deliveries.

System Manager

The System Manager offers a host of user configurable options for each accounting module. Setup the Fiscal Year. Supports Multi-User environment. Date/Time and User stamp on all transactions. User log for tracking user activity and for edits to non-transactional information.

Transaction Processing and Rollback features of all transactions for improved integrity. A user defined posting window ensures erroneous posting dates are corrected. Define Company Logo for printed reports.

Error Log Tracking

Errors can be automatically E-Mailed or Outputted to a Rich Text file at the time the error occurred. Maintenance routines to reconcile and fix corrupted data. Auto lookup of City and State when inputting Zip Code. End of Month and End of Year routines allow management of History information.

Supports multiple companies with user selected screen color to easily distinguish between the companies.

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