General Business Accounting

A full ERP system designed by WolfePak Software.

About General Business Accounting

WolfePak’s general business accounting packages provide a fast, efficient way for businesses to handle the daily accounting. The packages include an integrated general ledger system, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and invoicing. Since our packages are modular based, we can build a system that is right for you.

Accounts Payable

The A/P System generates ready-to-mail checks for payment of invoices you receive, as well as creating all necessary G/L entries and automatically recording bank reconciliation information. The flexible setup minimizes data entry, while allowing for expanded descriptions where necessary. In addition to the features found in all WolfePak software, other features include:

  • Vendor inquiry tracks purchases & payments for each vendor
  • Check for duplicate payment based on invoice number and/or amount
  • Check stub detail automatically flows to next check
  • Print checks on any type of printer, on standard or customer forms. Full restart capabilities when printing checks
  • Prints checks to blank check stock using Blank Check option
  • Easily change due dates on unpaid invoices
  • Quickly void checks or invoices
  • No-hassle partial payments on invoices
  • Quick, easy data entry. Add vendors and account information without leaving your entry screen. Automatically print default entries on check stubs to reduce entry time
  • Tracks insurance certificates and generates letters requesting new certificates
  • Write checks based on due date and/or vendor
  • Extensive reporting, including:
  • Open Items
  • Aged Trial Balance by vendor
  • Cash requirements
  • Check registers
  • Store vendor information such as contact name, phone, fax number, and free-form comments
  • Interfaces to Bank Reconciliation system for easy account balancing

Accounts Receivable

In addition to the features found in all WolfePak software, the Accounts Receivable System includes many other features to help you track customer activity, print reports, and charge interest.

  • View or print sales history by customer
  • Print detailed, user-defined customer statements for any period up to two years:
    • Re-print statements anytime
    • Include payments received that day
    • Generate statements by cycle
  • Retain customer detail as long as necessary
  • Override standard aging on reports
  • Open Item option allows you to post payments to specific invoices, and include only unpaid invoices on customers statements
  • Maintain separate bill-to and ship-to addresses
  • Statements can be printed in several different formats, or customized to your own letterhead
  • View or print sales history by customer
  • Complete customer inquiry display:
    • Balance
    • Name & Address
    • Detail transactions
    • Aging
  • Aged trial balance by customer
  • Completely user-defined six-character customer code
  • Charge interest to select customers
  • Include up to three lines of comments on statements
  • Print customer information in name, account number, or zip code sequence:
    • Summary or detail lists
    • Labels
    • Rolodex cards

Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation System is an integral part of all WolfePak systems that issue checks. It provides a way to balance your bank statement with the checks written and changes to your cash account. It also accounts for bank charges, drafts, and other items appearing on your monthly bank statement. Multiple bank accounts are supported, and the pop-up calculator is always available.

Blank Check Printing

BlankCheck is an exciting new technology that allows you to be your own check printer. Using a special magnetic tone in your laser printer (available for HP models only) the routing number, account number, and check number are all printed on a blank sheet of paper to create a check. Logos and special fonts can be added to create a custom look. The result is faster, more economical processing of checks.

This is done through the WolfePak system as your checks are generated, so there’s no need to lock up check stock to prevent theft. It also eliminates voiding check numbers due to printer problems, since the number can simply be reprinted. And if you use multiple bank accounts or change banks, BlankCheck can save money by eliminating the need to order and stock checks for several different accounts.

BlankCheck Interfaces Are Currently Available for Payroll, Accounts Payable, Quick Check, and Revenue Disbursement

General Ledger

G/L is the heart of any accounting system. The WolfePak system provides easy access to account data using view screens and flexible reporting options. Account and sub-account numbers are easily accessible through the use of ‘hot-keys,’ which display information with a single keystroke. In addition to the features found in all WolfePak software, other G/L features include:

  • No monthly closing required
  • Multiple fiscal periods can be open at once
  • Print reports for an entire company, cost center, or range of cost centers:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss (Income Stmt)
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Trial Balance
    • Budget Analysis
    • Trend Reporting
    • Spreadsheets
    • Custom Reports
  • Completely user defined accounts and sub-accounts
  • Locate account & sub-accounts with on-screen lookup
  • Automatically generate recurring entries
  • Supports calendar, fiscal or 4 week (13-period) year
  • Open print G/L account detail for up to 10 years
  • Optional Consolidation reporting
  • Automatically create balance forward entries
  • Print statements for any year and/or reporting period. Reporting periods are user-specified
  • Flexible print options for Profit & Loss statements:
    • Current period
    • Year-to-date/Inception-to-date
    • Prior year comparison
    • With or without percentages
  • Instantly add or change accounts & sub-accounts from any screen in the system
  • Print journals for a specified period or range of periods
  • Transaction posting can be controlled by inactivating a fiscal period, or by inactivating an account or sub-account
  • Set up and maintain budget information
  • View account balances, General Ledger detail and journal activity on the screen
  • Define financial reports into batches–then print the entire batch with one keystroke
  • Import and export data between non-WolfePak systems
  • Customize the appearance of financial statements and reports.


WolfePak’s extensive Inventory System can be added to the Invoicing System for additional power in managing inventory. The system allows automation of all part acquisitions (through purchase orders) and sales (through invoices), creating a seamless business solution for companies maintaining physical inventory.

Features of WolfePak’s Inventory system include:

  • 15-character, user-defined part numbers
  • Lookup window to instantly access part numbers
  • Stores both your part number and the manufacturer/vendor number
  • Number of decimal places on parts and quantity are user-defined
  • Reorder report and automatic purchase order creation
  • Expanded part descriptions–up to 2000 characters per part
  • Tracks outstanding or partial purchase orders
  • Multiple pages of detail if required


The Invoicing System provides you with a complete system for customer invoicing and account management, while the optional Inventory System provides part management and purchase order capabilities. Duplicate data entry is eliminated through a seamless interface to the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger modules.

In addition to the features found in all WolfePak software, the Invoicing system also includes:

  • Allows expanded transaction descriptions–up to 100 lines of description on work orders or invoices
  • Maintain complete customer information with comments
  • Multiple tax rates with automatic tax computation
  • Display number of items, tax, and total display while entering the invoice
  • Print edit listings, packing slips, work orders
  • Retain historical information and print history reports by customer or salesman
  • Extensive reporting capabilities:
    • Sales reports
    • Sales tax reporting
    • Gross profit by customer
    • And many more
  • Flexible tax and discount structure
  • Multiple pages of detail if required
  • Flexible invoice printing, using standard or custom formats


Let WolfePak take the drudgery out of processing your payroll. The powerful, yet easy-to-use system tracks and manages payroll requirements for up to hundreds of employees. Standard reports include W-2s, 941 taxes, TEC, Workers Compensation Reporting, EIC, and 401K plans. Checks can be printed on many types of forms, including a plain-paper BlankCheck option.

In addition to the same great features found in all WolfePak software, the Payroll System also has the following features:

  • Handles up to 50 different types of deductions and earnings including all various combinations of taxable, non-taxable and tax deferred plans
  • Creates G/L entries including option to split expense entries across two accounting periods
  • Prints Workers Compensation Report for any time period
  • System can automatically enter a pre-set number of hours for each hourly employee, requiring user to only enter exceptions
  • Maintains vacation and sick time used and balance for both salary and hourly employees. Automatically accrues sick time and vacation earned
  • Employees can work in multiple cost centers. Taxes can be allocated based on the wages earned in each cost center
  • Prints on TEC provided forms and/or TEC accepted blank paper format
  • W-2s can be produced after writing one or more payroll(s) for the new year
  • Ability to change one employee payroll information (number of hours, amount of tax deducted, etc.) after the checks are printed and reprint only that employee’s check
  • Calculates wages, deductions, taxes, etc. and displays the results on the screen as the employee’s time is entered
  • Each employee can have up to six different pre-defined regular rates
  • Option to compute overtime for salary employees on an automatically computed sliding scale. Hourly employee’s overtime can be computed based on time and one-half or half-time
  • Prints W-2s on either pre-printed forms or on plain paper suitable for mailing. Produces SSA approved diskette for W-2 transmittal
  • Wage reports (suitable for unemployment claims or verification of employment requests) can be produced for any time period including prior years
  • Automatic deduction and payment of child support payments
  • Ability to void a previously written check back out all earnings & deductions
  • Ability to enter tips received by the employee (to be included for taxes only)
  • Prints 941 on pre-printed form or blank paper
  • Deductions can be based on a fixed amount of a percentage of earnings
  • User defined employee code containing up to six alphanumeric characters
  • Look-up window for employees is listed in alphabetical sequence instead of employee number
  • Employees can have both hours and a fixed earnings amount (salary, car allowance, etc.)
  • User defined deduction reports for any time period
  • Full restart capabilities when printing check
  • Supports several different check forms, including laser checks

Quick Check

Quick Check is a fast and convenient way to write checks. The module is designed to provide a quick and easy way to print and record one or several checks. The vendor file is shared with the Accounts Payable module.

  • Checks are automatically recorded to the G/L
  • Easy entry for checks written by hand, no worrying about debits and credits
  • One-time payees can be handled without creating a permanent file

Quick Deposit

The WolfePak Quick Deposit System is designed for users who need an easy way to generate receipts for cash or check transactions. Receipts can be entered and printed individually to accommodate walk-in traffic, or printed as a batch for mailed-in payments. Like all WolfePak systems, information can be easily reviewed, corrected, and posted to the WolfePak G/L accounts you specify. At the end of the day, deposit summaries and edit listings can be printed to verify and document cash receipts. A deposit list can also be printed for the bank deposit, totaling cash receipts and detailing each check received.

The G/L information is recorded based on receipts issued. The transactions are posted to cash, offset by the account/sub-account you specify. The receipt number is used as the G/L reference number. A/R accounts are automatically updated, and planned enhancements include the ability to post receipts to a specific open invoice.

Other features include:

  • Allows entry and printing of cash receipts
  • Flexible receipt format
  • Single or batch entry
  • Auto interface with WolfePak G/L
  • Deposit information summary

Service Ticket Invoicing

WolfePak’s Service Ticket Invoicing System is designed to simplify the record keeping and tasks associated with performing service work. The system is optimized for a company whose service work is centered around a piece of equipment that is operated by one or more employees. That equipment could be a truck hauling salt water, a bulldozer, a dirt hauling truck, workover rig, etc. Employees can be associated with a particular piece of equipment for easy entry. Invoices can be printed on demand or in a batch (ex: end of a week), and time and billing entries are generated and passed to the General Ledger.

Features of Service Ticket include:

  • Easy lookup for customer & location, equipment, and employee
  • Tracks time spent by employee for equipment
  • Allows entry of parts and labor charges
  • Combines tickets for the same customer and location together onto one invoice
  • Prints all the state reporting for salt water disposal facilities (RRC form p-18)
  • Transfers the employee’s time to WolfePak’s Payroll system, automatically computing overtime

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