Workplace Financials Software

A multi-module management system designed by Workplace Software Systems.

About Workplace Financials Software

WorkPlace Financials is a robust series of business applications management solutions that is designed to function individually or fully integrated with each other. Financial, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail, work order managemen, payroll and customer relations modules forms the core of these dynamic and powerful technology solution programs. The fully integrated Sales order entry module is also the backoffice engine for the WEB Order entry option, that allows your customers 24x7 online ordering capabilities. Full customization of any module or combination of the series is available.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable records purchasers via vendor invoices and records both manual payment and system generated checks. This system integrates with General Ledger, Job Cost, Inventory, Purchasing, and the Check Reconciliation system.

  • Check previewing and control using check candidate processing
  • Establish permanent and one-time vendors
  • Supports partial payments and manually paid checks
  • General ledger posting preview
  • Check candidate selection by due date or vendor
  • Popup menu driven interfaces
  • Quick (on demand) check
  • Checks summarized by payee
  • Entry of pre-paid invoices
  • Cash requirement forecast/projections
  • Invoice detail distribution
  • Paid Invoice history sub-system
  • Supports future period processing
  • Void check processing
  • Invoice distribution to multiple General Ledger Accounts
  • Vendor 1099 support

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module provides total receivables entry and management, including daily, weekly, and monthly receivables management and statistical reports based on products sold and services rendered, plus automatic cycled billing for user defined dunning messages. G/L account numbers, product and service codes are verified at time of entry. Both open item and balance forward billing are supported.

  • Popup menu driven interfaces and On-line Help
  • User defined dunning messages
  • Open item or balance forward processing
  • Detailed customer statements
  • Cycled billing for uniform processing
  • Product/Service usage statistics
  • Deposits posted to Check Reconciliation system
  • Demand statements
  • Cash Forecast based on receivables due
  • Interfaced to collectors system
  • Finance Charge processing
  • Automatic pricing with override
  • Billing hold on small and credit balances
  • Customer list and labels
  • Receivables management reporting
  • Credit notes with recall

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling is a generic time appointment book that allows scheduling of individuals, groups, facilities, equipment, etc. The scheduler is a useful tool for doctors, hospitals, dentists, hoetl or club meeting rooms, salesmen, maintenance and repair facilities, and anyone else who must schedule time and/or resources.

Check Reconciliation

The Check Reconciliation system receives check entries from the Accounts Payable and Payroll systems and allows manual entry of other checks and voids. Deposits are added from the Order Entry and Accounts Receivable Systems. Recon lists outstanding checks and provides easy clearing of checks.

  • Automatic check entries from Payroll and Accounts Payable systems
  • Easy marking of cleared checks and deposits
  • Deposits passed from Order Entry and Accounts Receivable systems
  • Quick checkbook balances on request
  • Manual entry of non-system checks and deposits
  • Entry of void checks for control
  • Popup menu driven interface
  • Maintenance of cash balance
  • Maintains checkbook balance
  • Outstanding checks list

Client Resource Management (CRM)

The Client Resource Manager includes Contact Manager, Order Entry, Appointment Scheduling, ToDo, Activity, with Customer Resource and Sales Opportunity Manager functions.

  • Customer Resource Tracking
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Resource Scheduler
  • Reminder Calendar
  • Customer Activity
  • Appointments
  • ToDo`s
  • Contacts
  • Statements
  • Credit Notes

Contact Manager

The Contact Management System(CMS) assists the user in keeping track of daily contacts, to do’s, letters, meetings, and phone calls. CMS can handle all of your contact management needs.

  • Scheduling of unlimited calls, meetings, and ýto Do’sý for each contact
  • Reminder Lists by day time
  • Order capture for interface to optional Order Entry/Invoicing system
  • Calendar showing activity for each day of the month
  • Unlimited Note Windows for each contact
  • Pull Down Menus and excellent user interface
  • Complete on-line help

Employee Scheduler

The Employee Scheduler software will keep track of all pertinent and relevant employee information that will be useful for small and medium size companies to accurately track and manage flexible scheduling of personnel. This program tracks employees within their assigned departments, departments within assigned divisions and all divisions related to a single company.

Employee Timecard

The Workplace Timecard software program will keep track of all pertient and relevant employee information that will be useful for small and medium size companies to accurately track and manage personnel time clock operations.

Expense Tracking

The Expense Report Tracking system allows the user to enter and track travel expenses and print expense reports.

General Ledger

The General Ledger application is the hub of a fully interactive accounting system. GL is fed by the other accounting modules thereby reducing manual input of journal entries. Manual entries are further reduced by the ability to clone batches from previously entered data.

  • Popup menu driven interfaces and On-line Help all modules
  • Unlimited user defined financial reports
  • Unlimited accounts and detail transactions
  • Account inquiry with full detail
  • Account editing and verification
  • Inquiry by account or department
  • Inquiry and reporting by account or department
  • Report Cloning for easy generation of similar reports
  • Retain up to three years detail
  • Retention of prior year detail for comparison purposes
  • Future and prior period processing
  • User selected comparisons (Prior year prior period, budget, and trends)
  • Batch cloning for recurring journal entries and accrual reversals
  • Full detail ledger with selected period printing (one period to full year)
  • Optional multi-company processing
  • Multi-company consolidation for financial reporting
  • Soft year end closings
  • Distribution from one account to many
  • Wild card selection of accounts/departments on financial reports
  • Budgets, Automatic Allocations
  • Batch G/L Process
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Supporting Schedules
  • Financial reports etc.

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control application allows the posting of issues and receipts and automatically calculates a weighted unit cost with each receipt posted. This system will automatically request purchase orders fro the Purchasing system. Reports include a Stock Status Report, Low Stock report with out-of-stock highlighting, and a Physical Inventory worksheet. Inventory Control passes transactions to the G/L system.

  • Auto Purchase Receipts, Four (4) pricing levels per item
  • Serialized Inventory items
  • Stock value reporting
  • Receiving by Purchase Order
  • Unlimited items, Mtd/Ytd usage stastics
  • Extended Descriptions
  • Barcode Labels printing
  • G/L Interface etc.
  • Bill of Materials
  • Multi-level retail pricing
  • Item selection by item number, description or category
  • Retail price fixed or percent above cost
  • Item history reporting
  • Posts receipts to Purchasing
  • Assemblies
  • Physical inventory worksheet
  • Automatic request for purchase orders
  • Posting of receipts, issues, adjustments and transfers
  • Low stock reporting with out of stock indicator

Job Costing

Job Cost Reporting is a generic job costing system. This application can be used in most any job costing environment. The system produces estimates and job billings and is interfaced with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and General Ledger.

  • Job Phase and Change Order Reporting
  • Cost vs Billings Reporting
  • Completion Past Due Reporting
  • Formal Job Estimates
  • Billings vs Estimate Reporting
  • Fully Integrated
  • Pre-billing Worksheet
  • Job Inquiry

List Manager

The List Manager application provides easy access to frequently used names, addresses, and phone numbers. This system combines the company and contact information from the vendor file, the customer file, the employee file and a general user file for easy list management.

  • Popup menu driven interfaces
  • Fast data entry

Online Sales Order Entry Module

The Online Sales Order Entry program give you 24/7 WEB access to place orders directly into your Order Entry system. This online feature will require the Order Entry or Sales Order Management modules in your desktop location.

  • Real time updating of Inventory and Customer order information as sales and orders are made on the WEB.
  • 24/7/365 sales and orders for Credit Card or Customers with net terms.
  • Seamless integration with Inventory Control and Order Entry back office database
  • Simultaneous use of the database on the WEB and at the front and back office locations
  • New Customers added via the WEB.
  • Customized E-Commerce Integration

Order Entry

The Order Entry Module provides ordering, invoicing and quotation capabilities, plus management and sales analysis reporting. This module interfaces with both the Accounts Receivable and Inventory modules. In addition, postings are automatically generated for the General Ledger module. Order Entry includes calculation of commissions, sales reporting by salesperson, and statistical reporting on product and services sales volumes. The system also handles ship to addresses different than the billing address. A demand invoice can be requested from the order entry screen. General Ledger account numbers and product/service codes are verified at time of entry and postings are automatically accumulated for the general ledger. The program module also includes back order processing.

  • Item lookup by item number, description, category
  • Extended Item Descriptions
  • Multi-level pricing
  • Order entry with demand invoicing
  • Separate ship to information
  • Automatic reduction of inventory
  • Commissions by salesperson
  • Quotation processing
  • Popup menu driven interfaces
  • Sales analysis reporting
  • Automatic pricing with override
  • Invoice Level Discounts
  • Selected sales tax
  • Automatic back order processing
  • Balance due orders passed to receivables
  • Inquiry by customer and order
  • Customer list and labels
  • Multi-level discounts


The Payroll module utilizes pay templates for the entry of employee time and pay information. Employees can be assigned up to five taxes plus FICA and SDI(California) and a maximum of twelve miscellaneous deductions. Account numbers are verified against the Chart of Accounts for automatic posting to G/L and Check Reconciliation systems. The Payroll module also provides check preparation and a check preview report for verification, includes a full set of earnings reports and generates quarterly fillings and W2’s. Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay cycles are supported.

  • Multiple rates per employee
  • Hours work in multiple departments
  • Shift Differentials
  • Pre-check verification
  • Flexible payroll periods
  • Individual earnings report
  • Manual check adjustments
  • Year to date pay info on check stub
  • Employee Inquiry
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Deductions sheltered from taxes
  • Labor distribution
  • Supports payroll accruals
  • Quarterly tax reports

Purchase Order

The Purchase Orders application is a complete Purchase Order entry and tracking system. Vendors and inventory item numbers are verified at time of entry. Outstanding PO’s are reported by purchase order number and by vendor for tracking. PO’s are automatically generated for purchase requests from the inventory system. And, this system reports exceptions where receiving quantities do not match order quantities. Receipts can be posted from the Purchasing system when inventory is not used. The system also allows orders to be marked complete regardless of quantity received.

  • Processes purchase requests from the Inventory system
  • Posts receipts when inventory is not used
  • Verification of inventory item numbers
  • Inquiry by vendor or Purchase Orders
  • Past due order reporting
  • Purchase Order generation
  • Receiving exceptions reporting
  • Item order history
  • Order inventory and non inventory items
  • Vendor verification on entry
  • Extended Descriptions
  • Barcode Label printing

Sales Order Management Summary

The Sales Order Management software combines functions of the Order Entry, Purchase Order and Inventory Control modules.

  • Vendors and Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Control and Assembly
  • Order Entry
  • Resource Scheduler
  • Client Resource Manager
  • Customer Activity
  • Reminder Calendar
  • Appointments
  • Contacts
  • Receivables
  • Statements
  • Credit Notes

Work Order Management

The Work Order Management software combines the functions of the Job Costing/Proposals, Order Entry, Purchase Order and Inventory Control modules.

  • Item lookup by item number, description, category
  • Extended Item Descriptions
  • Multi-level pricing
  • Order entry with demand invoicing
  • Separate ship to information
  • Automatic reduction of inventory
  • Commissions by salesperson
  • Quotation processing
  • Popup menu driven interfaces
  • Sales analysis reporting
  • Automatic pricing with override
  • Invoice Level Discounts
  • Selected sales tax
  • Automatic back order processing
  • Balance due orders passed to receivables
  • Inquiry by customer and order
  • Customer list and labels
  • Multi-level discounts

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