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About SBS Financials Suite

Software Business Systems (SBS) provides financial accounting software for companies who want complete visibility of and more control over financial operations. The SBS Financials Suite offers enterprise accounting functionality whether you need on-premises or cloud accounting software. It has a short learning curve and uses built-in reporting tools to generate real-time financial reports and manage your company’s financial performance.

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SBS applications address your company’s accounting needs regardless of industry. The software scales with you through business cycles. You may start with Financials, but when you’re ready for Payroll and HR or Procurement, it’s an easy add. If your organization is complex and has multiple business units and entities, SBS Consolidations software automates and streamlines your financial consolidation process.

Implementation timelines for SBS software suites are the shortest among enterprise accounting systems. The capability for flexibly importing data into the system simplifies migration and data conversion.

Powerful Software. Passionate Support.

  • Financials applications suite: Drive performance with an integrated system that automates and streamlines financial operations.

  • Direct implementation: Eliminate third-party implementation fees and lengthy migration timelines. The team of dedicated specialists works with you to get your system up and running quickly.

  • Knowledgeable support: When you call or email you’ll get a person who knows the application as is able to work through the problem with you.

  • Competitive Pricing: Our financials suite includes all of the functionality you need for comprehensive business management. Running an integrated system keeps your total cost of ownership (TCO) low and staff productivity high.

  • Seamless integration with vertical market software: Getting financials and operations software playing nicely together will give you the complete picture of company performance.

Accounts Payable

A comprehensive cash management system will efficiently manage and streamline your organization’s disbursements. Paperless office functionality lets you store scanned images of invoices, eliminate costs associated with filing paper documents, and reduce audit time and expense. Electronic distribution of invoice approvals assures that invoices are reviewed and payment is authorized according to your company policies.

Accounts Receivable

Efficiently process invoices and cash receipts, reduce time to payment, and improve cash flow. Powerful credit management tools allow you to stay on top of slow paying customers and minimize your losses due to bad debt.

Bank Reconciliation

Easy-to-use tools that automate bank reconciliations and maintain up-to-the-minute cash balances for all bank accounts. Fully integrated with G/L, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll to record the effects of all transactions affecting cash.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting that is integrated into the General Ledger provides real-time feedback to managers as they build their budgets. The system is easy to set up and manage. Role-based security ensures that budgeters only see information from their area of responsibility.

Expense Reporting

Browser-based expense reporting automates the process of tracking, managing, reviewing, and approving employee expense reports. Reroute workflows when key personnel are absent to keep approvals and expense reimbursements on track. Approved expense reports flow through for payment by A/P or Payroll.

Financial Consolidations

Control and automate the financial consolidation and close process for divisions and companies within your organization. Consolidates entities with the same or different charts of accounts and fiscal years. Consolidates actual, budget, and statistical amounts.

Financial Reporting

Specialized financial report writer allows you to design your own presentation-quality reports through a point-and-click process. Financial reports may be combined to create financial packages that may then be automatically distributed as Excel or PDF documents. You can design standard reports for use throughout the organization or customize reports to meet the needs of specific departments, divisions, or companies.

General Ledger

Receive instant access to the financial information needed to manage your company. Drill-down queries allow managers to go from a number on a financial report, to the supporting detail, to source documents with a few clicks. The built-in financial reporting tool lets you assemble and present financial reports just the way you want them. Financial report distribution allows automatic dissemination of financial packages to managers and provides access to drill-downs while controlling what they can see.

SBS Payroll and HR Management Suite

SBS Payroll and HR software puts information at your fingertips to effectively manage your organization’s human capital.

Payroll Processing Software

Our in-house payroll software allows you to process payroll and comply with reporting requirements of the IRS and state taxing authorities.


SBS Payroll software lets you efficiently processes time and paychecks while reducing your payroll processing costs. Time cards flow from SBS Time and Attendance or can be imported from other popular front-end systems. Advanced features such as paying in arrears, applying an unlimited number of wage garnishments, and configuring union payroll processing are included.

Time & Attendance

SBS Time and Attendance is the time-tracking software that handles input from desktop applications and browser-based solutions. Managers can review, edit, approve, and submit employee time to Payroll for processing. Your payroll administrator can choose which attendance tracking events to monitor including late-to-work, unplanned absences, and unscheduled overtime.

Employee Self-Service

SBS Employee Self-Service software lets employees view their time records, time punch history, paycheck history, W2s, and schedules. Supervisors may review and approve employee requests online, then submit requests electronically for processing.

HR Management Software

Automating your HR, benefits, and personnel processes with the human resource management system (HRMS) will allow you to spend more time developing your most important resource – your employees. Streamline the reporting process by integrating government compliance reporting – including Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting – into your HR workflow.

Whether you have 100 or 1,000 employees you’ll benefit from the extended functionality of the human resources software including:


Maintain complete and easily accessible digital records of your workforce with the Personnel software. Automatically track active employee records such as performance reviews, time and attendance, and vacation time. Efficiently manage your onboarding to retirement process including hiring, resignation, and termination. Quickly run customized reports for notification of upcoming employee reviews, certifications, and a broad range of employee-related information.


Define, manage, and adjust the benefits and plans that are available to your employee groups using the Benefits software. Point in time functionality lets you enter eligibility criteria and rates when you set up or modify plans. Integrated triggers automatically complete the employee enrollment and payroll setup on the day they become eligible.

Employee Self-Service

Provide your employees quick and easy access to human resource information system (HRIS) tools with the Employee Self-Service software. Allow web-based submissions of employee requests for benefit changes, dependent coverage, address changes, and more.

Integrated Affordable Care Act

(ACA) Reporting Our HR software supports Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting. There are no extra fees or per employee costs for 1095-C Form processing. The knowledgeable support team will walk you through the steps of how to create and electronically file your ACA Information Returns.

SBS Procurement Suite

Purchase order software from SBS optimizes your procurement lifecycle for maximum efficiency and accuracy. The SBS Procurement Suite integrates Purchasing, Requisitions, Inventory, and Accounts Payable to effectively manage your purchasing program from initial supplier contact through final payment.


Streamline your procurement process, automate routine transactions, and allow managers to focus on sourcing and pricing. The system automatically tracks all order information including the vendor, purchase quantities, item or service purchased, delivery timeframes, payment terms, and costs. Consolidating purchase requirements across your entire organization ensures you’ll receive the best price, in the right quantity, at the right time, from the right source.


Automate your requisitions process by allowing individuals to make electronic requests for goods and services. Purchase requests are routed to approvers based on your organization’s approval requirements. Requestors may be automatically notified of the approval, or denial, of all or part of their request.

Inventory Management

Keep inventory at optimal levels, track item cost and usage, and replenish inventory with minimal effort. The replenishment processing functionality automatically generates purchase orders to maintain your stocking levels and minimize stockouts.

Project Accounting

Track the revenues and expenses of marketing campaigns, capital projects, facility and fleet maintenance, or any situation where you need to know the financial impact of activities within your organization.

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