A print management and estimating solution designed by Noguska LLC.

About NolaPrint

In the 1970’s, Noguska started as a print shop serving many different types of clients. Print shop software was not available so Noguska developed their own.

They made it flexible and easily customized to fit specific printing needs. But it became so popular, even with competitors, that Noguska stopped printing and just developed the software instead.

NolaPrint is a unique Print Estimating application designed with full scalability. As a cost-based system, it’s tailored to fit your actual business and production costs.

This type of estimating and job costing is preferred by most large commercial printers and in-plant printers who must accurately account for their expenses, and is highly configurable. But it’s also able to be scaled down to meet the needs of lower volume shops.

For those needing an all-in-one solution, NolaPrint also includes full Accounting and Inventory also, but isn’t dependent on them. Its stand-alone module has been implemented in thousands of facilities worldwide.

Available as both an onsite/local installation and via the cloud, NolaPrint can provide the long-term solution you’re looking for.

Standard Features Include:

  • Robust Order Entry
  • Online Client Job/Quote Requests
  • Convert Quotes into Orders
  • Convert Orders into Invoices
  • Markup Pricing / Price Sets
  • Fully Control Stock Needs
  • Track Time and Materials / Review Costs
  • Cost-Based Estimating vs. Actuals
  • Automated Data Collection
  • EDI Data Transfer Support
  • Comprehensive Machine Setup
  • Scheduling / Shop Loading
  • Calculation Formulas
  • Performance Statistics


Client Web Portal

Allows customers to check order status as well as place orders and update their company information.

  • Client login rights granted for each company
  • Client access setup controlled by print shop admin
  • Multiple users allowed per client
  • Client users can be assigned rights per specific functions
  • Client order specs allowed can be custom controlled
  • Client functions:
    • Enter new order request
    • View status of pending orders
    • Review job order history
    • Print order tickets
    • Payment of invoices
    • View/print invoices

Accounting Modules

A full accounting suite is available, but you can select/use only what you need. Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Inventory Control, General Ledger and many more options available.

Printing Styles Supported

Offset, Digital, Pricelist, Screen, Litho, Webpress, Letterpress, Gravure, Flexo, and Specialty printing. Modifiable for specific shop requirements.

Advanced Feature List

Drill down and see specifically how NolaPrint lets you fully manage your print operations by tracking your customer orders from start to finish.

  • Robust quoting system with email and print capability
  • Allow/control customer entered jobs from secure web interface
  • Customer requests must be approved before becoming active
  • Internally-entered jobs with supervisory oversight
  • Complete cost/price breakdown including override ability
  • Detailed search capability for finding orders and quotes
  • Simple method to convert quotes to actual job orders
  • Keep your clients up to date with order confirmation emails
  • Comprehensive calculation of time and materials of orders
  • Permits “redo” jobs for both customer or internal causes
  • Shop loading support included
  • Tracking and hard copy printing of order tickets
  • Allows unlimited number of shipping locations per client
  • Proof status tracking (out, returned, revisions needed, etc.)
  • Includes shipping records and packing slips
  • Conversion of completed jobs to invoices
  • Automatic inventory control for materials used
  • User-defined machines/equipment
  • User-defined methods of calculating time and materials
  • Create work spec templates that can “pre-fill” an order
  • Can calculate stock use by sheets, rolls, square inches, etc.


NolaPrint’s reports allow you a multitude of options to see the data you need; but if what you need isn’t available, simply have us create it for you.

  • Pending Orders
  • Overdue Orders
  • Shipments Due
  • On Hold Orders
  • Closed Orders
  • Shipped Orders
  • Quote Lists
  • Stock Needs (for pending work)
  • Completed Job
  • Work in Process
  • Performance Statistics
  • Proof History (with customer)
  • Variance (actual to estimated)
  • Volume
  • Redo List

Product Overview

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