A lumber and building materials (LBM) business management software with industry-specific inventory and customer relationship management tools.

Product Overview

Epicor BisTrack is a business management solution for building centers, pro dealers and distributors of lumber, building materials, and construction suppliers. This software has many features to help LBM dealers and distributors take better advantage of their time and budget, including inventory optimization, delivery dispatch, financial management, and customer relationship management.

BisTrack software provides a web store API, responsive design, and easy credit card storage for e-commerce strategies. And the mobile applications cover transactions and capture extensive information, while the warehouse management module fits both small and large LBM businesses.


  • Offers industry-specific functionality for LBM companies
  • Has customizable analytics and reporting templates
  • Integrates with accounting solutions


  • Pricing details unavailable
  • Some users have reported occassional freezes

Target Market

Businesses in the lumber and building materials industry, including hardscapes, lumberyards, pro dealers, and wholesale distributors. It is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs and operations of these industries.

About Epicor BisTrack

Video Overview


  • Journal Planner
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Delivery Dispatch
  • Mobility
  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial Management
  • Pro Dealer Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Support
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Warehouse Management

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Epicor BisTrack

Submitted on December 31st, 2014 by David Jones

When we were in need of a new computer system, we looked at several different products as well as continuing with what we had. We wanted a Microsoft centric platform, we wanted an SQL based database we wanted full access and control of the data ourselves, which we were not seeing in a lot of systems.

We do things today with BisTrack that we didn’t anticipate 10 years ago. The efficiencies we get with it are critical to our business and we feel good we have a platform that we can scale up and add on to. BisTrack has to be the best product out there because of both the architecture of the platform it’s on as well as the flexibility of the product and the flexibility of the people who support it.