An applicant tracking software system for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Product Overview

Avature ATS is an applicant tracking system that streamlines executive, professional, and hourly recruiting. Features include recruiter training, centralized candidate data management, detailed analytics, and compliance management. Avature ATS also supports career site customization, smart job creation, semantic search, automatic scheduling, smart screening, automated assessments, and offer management.


  • Allows potential hires to apply via phone or using LinkedIn credentials
  • Hiring manager portal facilitates communication with recruiters
  • Can pair with Avature CRM for full social onboarding experience


  • Lacks AI and machine learning features
  • Some users report challenges with support responsiveness
  • Some users found integrating with third-party apps complex

Target Market

Large organizations in accounting, healthcare, information technology, medical devices, insurance, and retail, with employee counts exceeding 1,000.

About Avature ATS

Avature ATS is an applicant tracking system that can manage executive, professional, and hourly recruiting efficiently. The automation capabilities ensure the visibility and control enterprises need are maintained.

This comprehensive suite provides recruiter training, centralized candidate data, and ensures compliance. If combined with Avature CRM, the solutions can begin a complete social onboarding tool that transforms recruiting operations into a digital business.

Avature ATS Features

  • Career Sites and the New Candidate Experience
  • Create Smart Jobs & Automate Approvals
  • Strategic Semantic Search
  • Automatic Interview Scheduling
  • Smart Screening
  • Automated Assessment
  • Optimized Offer Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Analytics

Video Overview

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Avature ATS

Submitted on June 30th, 2021 by Tayler Barry

The candidate experience has really improved since we’ve implemented Avature. The ease of being able to apply via your phone or by simply using your LinkedIn credentials is great - we’ve definitely seen an influx of candidates doing that. In addition the Hiring Manager Portal has provided a great service to our hiring managers, it’s really developed the relationship between them and the recruiters. Now everybody has a lot more access and visibility throughout the recruiting process.