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Why Your Cloud Versus On-Premises Software Decision Is Easier Than You Think

Published on by Adam Bluemner


If you’ve been struggling to decide between a cloud or on-premises software deployment, determining what’s right for you might be as simple as asking the right questions.

Small and medium-sized businesses will spend billions of dollars this year purchasing all sorts of management software applications. They’ll pore over countless question trying to make the right call. But one question will demand more consideration than any other: “Cloud or on-premises?”

And to that I say, “What a waste!”

It’s not that it’s not an important question. Cloud versus on-premises is a critical decision, of course. The topic wouldn’t grace the cover of business and technology magazines every other month if it wasn’t.

It’s just that in most cases, the hours of research, management handwringing, and contentious meetings spent on this deployment question are pretty pointless.

Here’s why: For most buyers, there’s only one way the decision can really go. The alternative option is a red herring—and a nasty one that. It feeds on management’s self-doubt about whether they’re really informed enough to get this Big Technology Decision right. It demands research and debate—and endless amounts of attention and time.

But that time is better spent elsewhere. Most organizations don’t really need a deep dive into the weeds to decide if they’re better off with cloud or on-premises software. Usually, all it takes is an honest self-assessment on a few key points: technological capabilities, preference to pay now or later, organizational attitudes toward information security, and customization/integration needs.

Adam Bluemner

is a Managing Editor at Software Connect. He's been helping software buyers make informed investments in business software since 2004.

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