The only all-inclusive platform for real estate project teams


  • Automated workflows
  • Predictive analytics
  • Project budgeting and tracking

About Northspyre

Northspyre is a cloud-based intelligence platform that empowers real estate development teams to achieve easier, more predictable outcomes on even the most complex projects. It is tailored to the specific needs of owners, developers, project management firms, and internal corporate/institutional real estate teams. With sophisticated automation and data, you dig deeper and see further ahead at every project lifecycle stage — without having to start from scratch.

Video Overview


  • Date entry and reporting automation
  • Proactive budget warnings
  • Project data analytics
  • Critical reporting tools like real-time dashboards

Northspyre Users

  • Real Estate Development Firms
  • Owner’s Reps
  • Commercial Real Estate Owners
  • Corporate Real Estate Teams
  • Institutional Real Estate Teams

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User Reviews of Northspyre

Submitted on February 16th, 2023 by Anonymous

The proudct is a good fit for contractors and field people but is not flexible enough to easily translate back to an accountant or financial minded person. The job costing and coding was not at the level we needed and did not seem developed enough to handle the needs of a more enterprise land developer.