An end-to-end financial management solution built on the Salesforce platform.

About FinancialForce

FinancialForce is an accounting system delivered on-demand from, the world’s leading cloud computing platform pioneered by Salesforce. It is a unique and effective financial management system in its own right, but is also the perfect complement to Salesforce CRM. The two application suites form a complete, end-to-end CRM to accounting solution all in the Salesforce environment, offering unparalleled efficiency and economies of scale.

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Easy to implement and trouble-free to maintain, FinancialForce Accounting helps you bring back office data to the front, eliminating data silos, and allowing you to align sales, service and finance on a single cloud platform. FinancialForce Accounting can support everything from the smallest virtual organization to the most complex multinational corporation. What you get is an efficient and cost-effective solution that goes well beyond basic bookkeeping and transaction processing, spawning a new generation of financial management applications.

Take advantage of modern, world class systems and applications without the IT costs and headaches. With FinancialForce Accounting, you can:

  • Create accurate invoices in one click
  • Reduce the resources needed for billing and ordering
  • Enjoy real time reporting and multidimensional business analysis
  • Give Finance, Sales & Service a 360° view of the customer
  • Full accounting functionality that can scale with you
  • 100% real-time system
  • Flexible chart of accounts and multi-dimensional analysis
  • Multicompany, multicurrency, global tax, multicultural


  • Starts at $175/user/month for core user access to all features
  • Executive users start at $125/month for read-only access
  • Sales users are only $10/month for access to view some data

FinancialForce requires a minimum number of users and will be priced based on license type, modules, and a variety of discounts available, A small business can expect to pay around $9,000 annually to use FinancialForce.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable – Streamlined, Controlled Invoice to Pay Processing

  • Reduce keystrokes with document templates and electronic invoicing.
  • Use authorization workflow for automated invoice and expense approvals.
  • Set vendor credit limits and credit terms by vendor account.
  • Pay vendors by check or electronically.
  • Automatically calculate due dates and settlement discounts, based on vendor terms.
  • Prevent payment of duplicate invoices.
  • Define your own check print formats.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable – Streamlined, Seamless Opportunity to Cash Processing

  • Create invoices from Salesforce opportunities in a single click.
  • Set credit terms both globally and by customer account.
  • Automatically calculate of due dates and settlement discounts.
  • Automatically calculate payments to invoices based on document references and amounts.
  • Use tasks as reminders to chase past due accounts. vUse Chatter to collaborate with sales and services personnel on late payers and customer issues.
  • Send statements and reminder letters by email.
  • Use “Your Account” a customer self-service billing portal.
  • Automate lockbox transaction processing with the cash matching API.

Cash Management

Cash Management – Optimize Your Cash Flow and Working Capital

  • Easily forecast cash flows and currency needs.
  • Set up multiple bank accounts in different currencies.
  • Pay customer refunds from A/R without duplicating records in A/P
  • Record one-off payments to vendors and refunds to/from vendors.
  • Automatically reconcile your bank statements without re-keying.
  • Record bank charges and interest shown on your bank statement.

General Ledger

General Ledger – Flexible, Efficient and Always in Balance

  • Flexible, multi-dimensional chart of accounts.
  • Multi-currency and multi-company transaction handling.
  • Transfer costs between companies or business units with an inter-company journal.
  • Perform accruals with automatic reversing journals.
  • Automatic calculation of cumulative, year-to-date budgets for each period.
  • User and role-based dashboards provide real time visibility.
  • Standard and customizable financial report templates.

Ordering & Billing

Ordering and Billing – Eliminate Manual Processes and Complex Integrations!

  • Create an order from a Salesforce opportunity, quote or custom object – in a single click.
  • Create orders automatically in batch – no-touch order processing.
  • Generate invoices automatically from approved orders.
  • Eliminate manual processing, re-keying errors, spreadsheets and unnecessary databases.
  • Get complete visibility of the CRM-to-Accounting cycle.
  • Raise an invoice directly from any activity in Salesforce CRM (standard or custom objects).
  • Create a single invoice with multiple installment payment due dates.
  • Set up recurring invoices for regular bills, such as an annual maintenance agreement invoiced monthly.
  • Generate accounting entries for on-premise ERP system.


Reporting and Dashboards - Improve Decision Making Across the Organization

  • Combine sales, service and finance data in single report, single dashboards
  • Deliver financial reporting and key metrics straight from the cloud to your browser, tablet or mobile devices
  • Get full drill down and full drill across type reports
  • Get alerts when financial thresholds are exceeded
  • Eliminate emails by using Chatter on reports, accounts and transactions
  • Get started fast with an extensive library of ready to run report templates
  • Capture and store helpful Chatter conversations within the generated report

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User Reviews of FinancialForce

Submitted on February 21st, 2014 by Helen

It enables companies to manage their money from the time the prospect is identified all the way through to the A/P process. The reporting features alongside Salesforce create automated and efficient data at your fingertips. I really like everything being on one platform.

The Good…

That it is on the platform.

The Bad…

Importing of data from other platforms.