A full ERP system designed by UNIT4 CODA for large enterprises.

Product Overview

Unit4 Financial Management Software is an accounting and financial management system designed for efficiency and flexibility. It stands out for its element structure, allowing deep analysis and reporting, and features an app for easy expense tracking and uploading. The software’s upgrade to web functionality and customer-oriented improvements are notable.


  • Easy expense tracking via app
  • Customizable reporting capabilities
  • Efficient financial management


  • Complex backend processes
  • Additional costs for advanced features

Target Market

Medium to large-sized businesses needing robust financial reporting and analysis capabilities. It suits organizations with a dedicated financial team capable of managing complex backend processes. Businesses that benefit from mobile app functionality for expense tracking and reporting will find it especially useful.

Not Recommended For

Small businesses or those with limited accounting expertise, as it requires a certain level of skill and understanding of backend processes. Organizations seeking all-inclusive features without additional costs may find it less appealing. Those expecting consistent and high-quality customer support might also want to consider alternative options.

About UNIT4 Coda Financials

Video Overview


The most used features in UNIT4 Coda Financials include:

Accounts Payable

  • Streamlined requisition-to-check process
  • Document entry templates for efficiency
  • Supports multi-company, currency, and tax
  • Supplier analysis and budget comparison
  • Flexible payment and discount options
  • 3-way invoice matching for accuracy
  • Electronic invoicing and recurring invoices
  • Transaction preview and approval InTray
  • Image processing with OCR integration
  • Customer refund and expense processing

Accounts Receivable

  • Efficient order-to-cash process
  • Automated cash matching and support
  • Comprehensive credit and collections management
  • Multi-company, currency, and tax support
  • Detailed customer profitability analysis
  • Direct customer refund processing from A/R
  • Expense pass-through from A/P to A/R


  • Intuitive time and expense entry
  • Authorization workflow for control
  • Multicompany and multicurrency support
  • Budget control with overage alerts
  • Mobile data entry and inquiry
  • Flexible order and invoicing options
  • Service planning and scheduling


  • Advanced financial modeling capabilities
  • Flexible budgeting at various levels
  • Granular budget insights with multi-dimensionality

Consolidation & Cash Management

  • Step-by-step guided group consolidation
  • Real-time, multi-level integration and analysis
  • Automatic foreign exchange conversion
  • Performance reporting with multi-dimensional analysis
  • Efficient cash forecasting and management
  • Easy integration with various systems and data sources

Fixed Assets

  • Integrated tracking across companies and currencies
  • Flexible depreciation rules and user-defined categorization
  • Comprehensive asset management with real-time inquiry

General Ledger

  • Flexible account code structure for detailed analysis
  • Multi-dimensional financial model
  • Advanced allocation rules with secure Excel integration

Integration & Web Services

  • Seamless integration with various systems via web services
  • Extensive use of XML and modern integration techniques
  • Flexible API capabilities for diverse system interactions

Project Accounting

  • Integrated project accounting for accurate tracking
  • Flexible coding and budgeting at all project levels
  • Real-time actual vs. budget variance analysis

Reports and Multidimensional Analysis

  • Real-time visibility with detailed browsing capabilities
  • Centralized control over data and report integrity
  • Personalized finance portal for user-specific information


  • Streamlined purchase-to-pay process with flexible workflow
  • Easy integration with Outlook for procurement processes
  • Comprehensive RFQ creation, distribution, and response handling

Spend Management

  • End-to-end solution covering requisition to payment
  • Controlled and consolidated purchasing activity
  • Powerful tools for effective supplier negotiation

Workflow, Process & Control Automation

  • Framework for visible and repeatable processes
  • Actionable insights for continual compliance and control
  • Enterprise-wide application for integrated risk management
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of UNIT4 Coda Financials

Submitted on February 10th, 2022 by Anonymous

Expensive, Poor customer service and delays. For small business the cost is unaffordable. Should one decide to move to another product you are penalised for the remainder of the contract you have with them. No concessions , no compromise despite the long relationship. Long delays on email and round about customer service. You cannot even get automated payments with the service without paying extra, this should be a basic.

The Good…

Ease of use.

The Bad…

The customer service provided by the various account managers we had during the duration of our time with Unit4.

Submitted on October 11th, 2019 by Richard Shoteh

We recognized that to meet the demands invoice processing placed on the team, we’d need to add significantly to headcount. Rather than just increase headcount to cope, we wanted a better way of capturing and approving invoices. We also wanted to eliminate other types of paper handling and make cost savings and productivity gains.