A CMMS software designed for utilities, manufacturing plants, and industrial and commercial facilities.

Product Overview

FastMaint CMMS is an equipment and facility maintenance management software. It provides a platform for managing work requests via email or text, creating task templates for unplanned and planned maintenance, and tracking inventory usage and reordering. The software’s ability to schedule maintenance based on dates, meter readings, or alarm conditions and to adjust for holidays and off days enhances its functionality. FastMaint supports customization in reports and work orders and allows for the import/export of tasks, equipment, and parts.


  • Automated report generation and email/text alerts
  • Suitable for breakdown and preventive maintenance


  • Limited search options
  • Some users find report functions clunky

Target Market

Companies with a workforce ranging from 50 to 1,000 employees in food production, utilities, construction, and consumer goods.

About FastMaint CMMS

FastMaint is a Windows-based computerized maintenance management software package for small to mid-size maintenance teams. It’s used worldwide by various organizations for plant maintenance, facility & building maintenance, resort & restaurant maintenance, fleet maintenance, and more.

FastMaint CMMS Key Features

  • Manage unplanned (breakdown) & planned (preventive) maintenance
  • Identify missed maintenance, reduce breakdown/ emergency maintenance
  • Manage spare parts, vendors, re-ordering & purchasing
  • Automatic report generation and email/text alerts.

FastMaint CMMS Pricing

The cost of FastMaint Standard starts at $1,800/one-time. More advanced versions with additional features are available at added costs. FastMaint Cloud can be subscribed to starting at $100/month. There is a 30-day free trial of FastMaint CMMS.

Starting Price
$1,800 (perpetual license)
Price Range Learn More
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of FastMaint CMMS

Submitted on February 27th, 2018 by Kenneth Gagnon

I have been using FastMaint for about 10rys and Do like this programe.

The Good…

Keeping all my task on schedule, keep all vendor INFO in one place, inventory of stock parts, ability to look back on equipment maintenance records, Work order printed out daily,

The Bad…
  1. I could type in a task search and just a work order date for unplaned task (can add date that way anymore)2. would like some example . work order layouts to customize for print outs. Auto spell check.