Time Matters

A time and billing management system for accounting/legal/professional companies.

Product Overview

Time Matters is a comprehensive law practice management software developed by LexisNexis. Key features include legal calendaring, version-controlled document management, and integrated billing. It is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in legal firms through features like document management, automated task workflows, and detailed case management. This software integrates well with Microsoft Office applications, and its customizable nature allows it to cater to various legal practice needs.


  • Customizable and flexible
  • Available on mobile apps through App Store and Google Play


  • Multiple users have reported performance issues
  • Exact pricing details not shared by developer

Target Market

Medium to large-sized law firms that require a customizable system for managing legal cases, documentation, and client interactions.

About Time Matters


  • Centralized Case Information
  • Efficient Time & Expense Capture, Plus Basic Billing
  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Broad Range of Integrations
  • Built-in Security
  • 24/7 Remote & Mobile Connectivity
  • Support from the Pros

Contact & Client Management

Centrally manage and control access to all of the information about your clients and other parties involved in cases and matters.

Matter & Project Management

Organize, associate and track all contacts, documents, events, phone calls and other information associated with a case or matter-from a single application.

Docketing, Calendaring & Scheduling

Automate workflows and apply best practices across the organization with the comprehensive alert and reminder system.

Document Management

Save time and reduce duplication of effort when producing client and court papers with document automation features.

Basic Time Capture & Billing

Document billable hours and client expenses using included timesheets, billing item forms or timers. Apply hourly or flat-fee rates per client or matter. Generate and print bills for mailing.


Free your attorneys and staff from the office, enabling your firm to be productive on the go, using their smartphones and other mobile devices with the Time Matters Mobility service and integration with Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft®; Exchange.

Comprehensive Integrations

Integrate with legal-specific accounting and financial management software from LexisNexis® such as Billing Matters®, PCLaw® and Juris®, as well as over 40 third-party legal billing systems, plus standard office software and hardware.

Billing Matters® Optional Add-on Software

Available at an additional cost, Billing Matters billing and accounting software provides you with enhanced billing and client trust accounting capabilities beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of Time Matters®, such as support for:

  • Firm-defined task codes
  • Hourly, retainer, one-time charge, flat-fee, flat-fee plus actual costs, contingency, maximum or minimum charges per bill and progress-based billing
  • Customizable invoices and approval workflows
  • Discounts, markups and adjustments

Contact Management

This form is used to collect any information about a person, organization, business, etc. If it were a client, you may have their work address, home address, various phone numbers, names of spouse and children, social security number, Email address, internet address, bank account numbers, properties owned, or anything else you may need to know about this client when working with them. By changing the field labels on the form, or through Form Styles, you can ensure that all users complete the fields in a consistent way.

Time & Expense Billing

Time Matters includes its own integrated basic Billing and Expense Tracking system. This system is sufficient for firms with the most basic Billing needs as it allows creation of simple invoices based on Time and Expenses that were tracked as part of your daily routine. Time Matters allows you to create an unlimited number of clients, billing rates and billing items. Rates can be based on global rates (where all activities are billed on the same scale), by Contact, by Matter, by Staff Member, or by Activity or Task Codes.

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Product Overview

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