An ERP-Integrated Quality Management Software system designed by uniPoint.

About uniPoint

The configure-to-order Quality Management Software solution is designed to help your company automate its journey toward excellence. With twenty-five integrated software modules for quality and compliance management, uniPoint has transformed the quality management systems of 2,000+ Companies into a collaborative and paperless environment for continual improvement, while tracking the total administrative cost of quality at every stage. uniPoint uses the latest technology and offers a powerful feature set with unmatched simplicity and ease-of use.

uniPoint Features

uniPoint Quality Management Software manages the life-cycle of all key quality events:

  • NC’s
  • CA’s
  • Document Control
  • Maintenance & Calibration
  • Auditing
  • Health & Safety
  • Education & Training
  • Surveys
  • Customer Complaints
  • Supplier Mgmt
  • Risk Mgmt
  • Validation & the complete Inspection function.

Plus they offer over 100 Quality Management Reports; over 80 Trend Analysis Graphs; 800 Key Indicator Metrics; and an integrated Quality Workflow system called the To-Do List, to ensure that no quality task falls through the cracks.

uniPoint Target Market

uniPoint is unique: With a very intuitive interface, they work will with small, mid-size and large enterprise customers. They work with all types of manufacturers, but especially those in quality-centric industries such as:

  • Medical Device
  • Food & Beverage
  • Life Sciences
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas

uniPoint is the only Enterprise Quality Management System (QMS) you will ever need to purchase. They are the first in their industry to offer a Mobile-First Design, allowing their mobile/web modules to run on any internet-enabled mobile phone, tablet or desktop with full functionality, SSL Security and optimized speed.

uniPoint Pricing

The cost of uniPoint starts at $6,600 upfront or $225/user/month. The software is priced by concurrent seats and add-on users/modules available at any time. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of uniPoint

Submitted on May 18th, 2023 by Anonymous

We were seeking a quality management software that could help lay the framework to help us with ISO certification. Though we reviewed several options, it was uniPoint’s presence across our customer base that stood out, as well as our customer’s positive feedback on their experience with the program. We have been using the program for a few months now and are happy with the decision.

Submitted on June 1st, 2022 by Anonymous

Excellent ease of use once criteria is established

The Good…

closed loop modules

The Bad…


Submitted on January 18th, 2015 by Larry Hicks

We’ve been using uniPoint for a little over 3 years now. We’ve brought various modules online at different phases throughout that. Throughout the use of uniPoint it allowed us to simply take a number of disparate systems that we used all over the company, a lot of spreadsheets, a lot of spiral notebooks, and all that into a single source of data.

One of the advantages of uniPoint is that it is a SQL based product which has allowed us to easily get in and generate a lot of our own custom reports. uniPoint has a tremendous number of base reports that handle most of the needs, but every once in awhile we come up with something that’s special. With SQL we’re allowed and able to go into and get that data and generate specific things for us. One of the key things that we’ve done that’s helped us is we’ve looked at our non-conformances and put those into a format that allows us to identify not only the most costing problems, but also the most quanitity-specific problems.

When we purchased uniPoint, we really didn’t have any idea what the total cost of quality was. We always assumed that our scrap and rework is a cost of quality. uniPoint allowed us to take a look at and to begin tracking all the time that our inspectors spend, that our supervisors spend, and that iour purchasing department spends problem solving with quality. The flexibility of uniPoint allows us to record everything from material cost to labor cost to mileage cost. It also has a neat feature where we can report the actual cost versus the estimated cost. We use that because our customers will submit their billings and we can keep the difference what they bill and what our pay rates are.

The MSDS process at Cardinal was a very laborious process where we took printed copies of each sheet, put them in the old three-ring binders and put those out on the shop floor. What we’d find after a short time is the notebooks were covered with so much welding dust that you couldn’t see them, so uniPoint has allowed us with their module to capture and scan all of our MSDS sheets and make those available online to production managers to the supervisors as well as the people on the floor.

The document control training and occupation modules within uniPoint allowed us to capture all the internal documents that we have including our operational procedures, our work instructions, our safety training type documents, and assign those documents to each and every employee based on their job code. This allows us to keep up with all of our training requirements to make sure all employees are current. It also helps us tremendously with our ISO certifications.

The dashboard gives us a quick overview from the management level. Also, it allows our supervisors to do the same thing - from tehir standpoint they can take a look at their department data specifically and see exactly what’s going on.

We actually have a website set up that uniPoint manages for us and we simply ask our customers to go and fill out their experience with our product - how is the product working, any issues, are you satisfied with our customer service. As the customer fills out that information, it’s all gathered at the uniPoint facility.

We’ve recommended this software to a number of other companies who who we have heard successfully implemented it as well and have received a lot of the same benefits that we have.