A software system designed by BarScan.

About BarScan

Bar|Scan is a complete bar code asset management system that provides specialized software designed to meet a company’s enterprise-wide asset information needs.

Bar|Scan uses the accuracy of bar codes and powerful portable bar code readers to more accurately track your computers, equipment, furniture, and other resources in less time than a manual inventory.

Accounting, Facilities, MIS, and Purchasing departments can share Bar|Scan asset information on a network-wide basis resulting in better communication without duplicating efforts. Flexibility is the key to Bar|Scan. It works equally well in a warehouse or office environment.

Product Overview

User Reviews of BarScan

Submitted on February 25th, 2014 by Norm from Centennial Associates, Inc

BarScan is an easy to use barcode asset management program that can be used to track and manage all types of assets. Have used for school inventories, capital assets, maintainable assets and fixed assets deemed of value.

The Good…

What I like best is the flexibility so that a project can be designed exactly to meet a customers need and requirements.

The Bad…

Personally, there really isn’t a least liked but have a situation where there may be an improvement possible. We have designed a customer program where information enter into the BarScan catalog description, Manufacturer and Model number needs also to be also entered into custom designed template of customer data so as to be congruent. Currently use control c & v to cut and paste from the BarScan catalog screen to custom designed customer template.

Customer descriptions are generally larger than the field spaces allowed by BarScan.