A multi-module management system designed by New Horizon Software Technologies for professional services companies.

About PlanGuru

PlanGuru is budgeting, forecasting and planning software designed to help small and medium sized businesses prepare their budgets and forecasts in a fraction of the time they would spend in their spreadsheet software. PlanGuru combines a flexible framework with sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools, at a value that is unrivaled.

PlanGuru is available in 3 editions:

  • Professional Edition ’ The Professional Edition offers multi-year budgeting/forecasting. Features include:

    • Automatically integrated balance sheet, income statement and cash flow
    • Customizable financial statements and reports
    • Automatic financial ratios, including automatic breakeven analysis
    • Ability to import from and export to Excel
  • Consultant Edition ’ The Consultant Edition gives you all the features of PlanGuru Professional PLUS:

    • Improve the financial planning process with goal setting features
    • Consolidate up to 20 departments, divisions or subsidiaries
    • Set up a financial performance measurement system
    • Value a business with PlanGuru Business Valuation tools
    • Import account data directly from QuickBooks
    • Tools to help Professional accountants complying with AICPA reporting guidelines
  • Special Edition for QuickBooks ’ This Edition of QuickBooks is a single year budgeting tool designed especially for QuickBooks users. Although all Editions of PlanGuru can import data directly from QuickBooks, this edition is designed especially for QuickBooks users.

Business Analyzer

The PlanGuru Business Analyzer is an add-on module to the Professional and Consultant Editions of PlanGuru. This module produces a report that analyzes trends in a company’s financial data for up to 5 years and when coupled with the RMA Statement Studies database, how its’ performance compares to its’ industry peer group.

PlanGuru Budgets, Forecasts and Projections

PlanGuru provides you with robust budgeting software for your needs. PlanGuru includes the following features:

  • Prepare budgets & forecasts for up to 10 years
  • Budget and forecast for up to 10 years on monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Start a financial projection at an interim date
  • Unlimited number of companies, budgets, forecasts, non-financial items such as units sold, supporting schedules
  • Customization of financial statements and reports
  • Import data from Excel or QuickBooks
  • Export data to Excel or pdf documents
  • Automatically compute financial ratios and break even analyses
  • Drill down with sub totals and sub schedules
  • Consolidate departments, divisions and subsidiaries
  • Create business valuations
  • Specialized reporting tools for the professional accountant

Product Overview

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  • Marketing (6%)
  • Construction (5%)
  • Distribution (5%)

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