A collaboration platform providing business management software tools.

About Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a business management software providing a unified approach to communications, tasks and projects, CRM, contact management, and website creation.

Bitrix24 is available on-premise and on a private cloud.

Video Overview



  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Group chat

Tasks and Projects

  • Time tracking
  • Workload planning
  • Gantt and Kanban


  • Track conversion rates
  • Automate marketing

Contact Management

  • Link with popular communication channels
  • Social media integration
  • Log telephone, email, and chat logs


  • Create landing pages for customers
  • Sell products quickly online


Bitrix is a completely free solution to use for your business, if you need it to be. Their free version works best for businesses just starting out, and lets you have access for up to 12 users and up to 5 GB in online storage.

Paid versions are available for companies looking to set goals to sell more. The paid versions include more online storage and more robust capabilities in each of the included applications

  • Free version
  • CRM+ starts at $69/month
  • Standard version starts at $99/month
  • Professional version starts at $199/month

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Bitrix24

Submitted on February 8th, 2018 by Anonymous

The platform is suitable for small/medium-sized teams and sales teams. Bitrix24 works on all devices, operating systems, and is embedded in social networking profiles. It is a free solution with all its primary functions accessible.

The cost of Bitrix24 depends on the different factors such as available functionality options.

Bitrix24 has an open API so it’s easy to customize and integrate the system with others.

Submitted on October 10th, 2016 by Anonymous

Although there are many very useful project management tools and overall capabilities of Bitrix24, the user interface is not very intuitive or “user friendly”, there is a scattered and somewhat boring design which from my perspective does not “connect” me as much as I would like to the product. Please review this in your R&D group and perhaps make the user interface more engaging visually. Thanks

Submitted on July 11th, 2016 by Anonymous

Bitrix24 is an online productivity tool for sales agents which unites project collaborating, chat, and video communication, client management tools, workflow management, and human resource information system.

Bitrix24 is a cross-platform option and is available on any Android iOS and Windows devices.

Bitrix24 CRM is still adding more and more functionality to help improve the efficiency and ease the company’s process. Bitrix24 can help us, especially our sales agents.

Submitted on April 8th, 2014 by Anonymous

The visual layout needs a lot of work to be intuitive. Honestly, it is pretty bad right now. Sorry, but it is true. That notwithstanding, I’m hoping to learn my way around Bitrix24. Why? Because there’s a promise of more structure. I am leaving Trello behind ASAP because of lack of structure and order, so I am looking to Bitrix24 and its subtasks, projects, etc.