A customer relationship management system for nonprofits designed by Kindful.

About Kindful Nonprofit CRM

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Unlimited Online Fundraising

Connect with more donors using Kindful Nonprofit CRM’s secure donation pages and customizable Socially Focused Crowdfunding Cause pages. Plus all options work seamlessly with your Kindful database, automating thank you’s, tax receipts, creating new donor profiles and updating donor activity in real-time.

  • Beautiful Donation Appeal Pages
  • Peer to Peer & Team Fundraising
  • Event Registration & Ticketing
  • Sponsorship & Membership Options

Complete Donor Management CRM

Real time tracking of all donor interactions using intuitive tools and an easy-to-use interface. View a complete donor profile with key relationships and group affiliations and even run a new donation straight from a donor’s profile.

  • Detailed Donor Profiles
  • Social Appending
  • Acknowledgement Automation
  • Customize To Match Your Needs

Reporting and Analytics at Your Finger Tips

Segment donors quickly based on donations, dates, events, demographics and more with powerful filtering for tailored reports. Create uniquely segmented groups based off of both transactional attributes and person attributes for mailing or email campaigns, reaching just the right donors every time.

  • Real-Activity Feed
  • Easy Data Filtering
  • Beautiful Reports
  • Dynamic Data Insights

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User Reviews of Kindful Nonprofit CRM

Submitted on January 28th, 2021 by Barbara L'Italien from MARKINC Ministries

The onboarding program could used more structure

The Good…

Not having to post in Kindful and Quickbooks, they would sync

The Bad…

Our small nonprofit did a lot of research when choosing a donor management system. Our choice landed with Kindful. After 6 months of onboarding experience, and a few uploading issues that corrupter our financial management program, QuickBooks, we had to break our ties with Kindful. If we had renewed, they would have honored a $600 discount, but with our poor experience, we decided not to renew. I am very disappointed they told us they would not honor any type of financial refund, despite the hours we had to pay employees to fix their mistake. I caution you, do not allow Kindful to sync by uploading to Quickbooks, until you are sure everything has been imported correctly into Kindful during your onboarding sessions.