A customer relationship management system designed by Progressive Software Solutions.


Full featured, yet moderately priced, this mid-market enterprise program is a two way fully integrated CRM system that communicates with customer service as well as Sage Business Vision accounting in real time. ? Not to be mistaken with old technology CRMs or links to entry level contact management programs, PSS CRM is faster, more modern, and easier to learn than other crm systems that cost thousands more. ? Don’t have Sage Business Vision yet? PSS CRM will still do the job for you. PSS CRM can run stand alone or interfaced with Sage Business Vision.


  • Run Campaigns
  • Generate Leads
  • Form a Database


  • Assign Leads
  • Qualify Leads
  • Convert Leads
  • Track Opportunities


  • Deliver Products
  • Produce Invoices


  • Manage Cases
  • Conduct Trainings
  • Provide Service
  • Develop Knowledge base


Dymo Card-Scan integration ??

  • Synchronize or export to PSS-CRM, Outlook, Outlook Express, smart phones, Palm, Windows Mobile devices, Windows Contacts
  • Easily categorize contacts, search, sort, de-dupe, map addresses and much more.
  • Consolidate all your contact data using drag-and-drop from email and web sites.
  • Accurately scan and read business cards in seconds and create a digital address book.
  • Scan business cards directly into PSS-CRM prospect or customers


Help your customers, ?Help your staff

  • Respond to cases faster with access to complete case and customer data.
  • Manage cases across individual and team queues that are user friendly and configurable.
  • Personalize data views, dashboards and navigation
  • Flexibly manage cases across channels for customer convenience
  • Increase first contact resolution with the built-in knowledge repository.?
  • Speed case handling by making it easy to find information with familiar tools.
  • Avoid duplicated efforts by using cross-channel knowledge and collaboration.?
  • Use familiar and graphical tools to track and monitor the flow of knowledge…


Control your pipeline ?

  • Monitor the progress of the sales cycle by salesperson or by stage
  • Promote prospects into customers in Sage BusinessVision
  • Track all communication with a prospect including, Calls, Appointments, Emails, Quotes and much more
  • Generate, e-mail, store and transfer quotes into Sage BusinessVision as easy as clicking 1 button
  • Saves valuable time by reviewing prospect status without having to remove staff from the field for endless sales meetings.
  • Close deals faster by centrally tracking key deal information.
  • Enable more effective team selling with team-based ownership.
  • Create and monitor customized offers and pricing for each opportunity.
  • More effectively position against the competition with seamless competitor tracking.
  • Better identify and leverage extended relationships (lawyers, consultants) in the sales process.
  • Streamline proposal creation with embedded document management capabilities.


Get the information you need ?

  • Create reports in verbal or illustrated format
  • Calculate billable efforts along with the sales cycle efforts - PSS CRM uses the latest technology from Crystal Reports
  • Interactive and intuitive dashboard - Using constant strams of data PSS CRM gives you up to the minute information about your day and your week.
  • Stay current with dashboards of customizable real-time analytics. - Show and hide any column, list or data within PSS CRM


Automate routing of cars and trucks ?

  • Select addresses based on Sage BusinessVision orders
  • Removes the need for double entry, saves time and errors
  • Optimize routes for time, distance traffic and weather conditions
  • Printable Google based maps


Scheduling with all resources required to perform a service ??

  • Schedule services and resources to serve customers effectively
  • Save time with familiar and easy scheduling tools
  • Stay connected across teams with a centralized view of service calendars and resources
  • Use familiar tools to set up and manage reoccurring appointments in CRM
  • GPS & Google based maps allow the end user to see the location and status of each employee/resource in real-time

Time and Billing

Get paid

  • Review all billable and non-billable efforts
  • Select which items should be billed - PSS CRM allows you to identify each billable conversation, e-mail, appointment and more.
  • Automatically determine billing rates and durations - PSS CRM has a built-in fully customizable rate chart.
  • Generate sales orders in Sage BusinessVision - PSS CRM will generate Sales Orders within Sage BusinessVision and update all relevant records within PSS CRM
  • Get an instant view of all work performed for CRM , Sage BusinessVision and non CRM customers

Product Overview

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