A customer relationship management system designed by SYSPRO.


The comprehensive SYSPRO Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution lets users track and manage all customer and supplier touch points. Customer correspondence, status, vendor relationships, marketing campaigns, service issues, product returns, warranty and repair histories, quote and sales order information are monitored and recorded, providing a 360-degree view of internal or external business relationships. SYSPRO CRM enables sales, marketing and customer support operations to work collaboratively to achieve total customer satisfaction.

SYSPRO sales force automation, marketing and customer service CRM applications are contained within a single, comprehensive module that gives a complete, in-depth view of the customer. Company employees can access SYSPRO CRM to make better sales decisions, market products, solve problems and get strategic views of the business.

SYSPRO CRM adds custom objects and activities, designs custom views for different users and builds business logic into the application so that CRM automates repetitive tasks, informs users of next steps, sends e-mails and raises alerts for open items. CRM provides easy-to-modify forms, data fields and information relationships so that users can get the customized information they need. Users can control all aspects of the customer management and sales cycle from a single screen, improving efficiency and empowering employees with the tools to deliver effective and profitable products and service.

Research shows that over 60% of CRM implementations fail due to the lack of integration with other systems, lack of user acceptance and the inability to quickly customize systems to match specific business requirements. What these points really tell us is that most CRM solutions do not offer the level of database integration that companies really need to gain superior insight and win competitive battles. SYSPRO CRM is an exception. It offers total integration with ERP modules, providing the wealth of real-time data that enables customer visibility and service.

SYSPRO CRM provides great mobile support that allows field workers to get instant access to customer data from any personal digital assistant (PDA), laptop, or browser by offering powerful account synchronization capabilities. This CRM feature enhances marketing, lead capture and field sales efforts to increase sales and profitability.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of SYSPRO CRM

Submitted on July 19th, 2016 by Pale

No customization without price. No support without price. Can’t even look up error codes without paying.

The Good…

Different ways to step you main screen up

The Bad…

unable to change tabs easly.

Submitted on September 12th, 2014 by Anonymous

Bad, way, way behind everything else. It seems like it was designed in 1998 and never changed

The Good…

Nothing I can think of

The Bad…

Usability, functionality, price