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A web-based accounting software system designed by Zoho Corporation.

About Zoho Online

Zoho provides businesses with simple to use yet sophisticated online applications that will help improve your business management, grow your sales and increase your bottom line profits.

All Zoho applications are accessible where ever you have an internet connection. You pick and chose which applications fit your needs. Zoho is available as individual applications so you can select the suite of applications which are most effective for your use today AND any time you see the need to add more applications you can do so easily.

You’ll also find many popular add-on and integration features that enhance some commonly used applications like MS Outlook or MS Office.

Below you’ll find brief descriptions for many of the Zoho applications. For more information on how to get started with any of the Zoho applications simply contact FindAccountingSoftware at the phone number at the top of the screen.

Books - Banking and Credit Cards

Zoho Books helps you record and monitor all your bank and credit card transactions, deposits, fund transfers, checks, credits, refunds, credit card payments, etc.

Zoho Books provides real time updates on your bank and credit card transactions through automatic bank feeds. It’s painless and convenient letting you to stay on top of your business every moment.

Quickly reconcile accounts to make sure your accounting balances with your bank records

Books - Money IN

No matter what sort of business, everyone needs to keep on top of the cash flowing into the business. Zoho Books helps you do so very simply.

With Money-In you’ll be able to:

  • Provide customer Quotes, Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Select from ready to use templates for your quotes and invoices OR customize the templates to fit your specific needs
  • Quickly convert quotes to invoices and save the hassle of retyping the information all over again.
  • Sending invoices was never easier than with Zoho. At the click of a button you can get your invoices sent via first class mail or email customer invoices… your choice
  • Need to send invoices in multiple currencies? It’s in there with Zoho
  • Get paid faster by letting your customers pay you online. Zoho Books is integrated with payment gateways like Paypal, Google Checkout and Authorize.net
  • Recurring invoices are a snap. Simply specify the frequency alone with the other invoice details and Zoho handles it from that point on.
  • Track invoice payments and quickly see which invoices are over due so you can followup to get paid.
  • Payment reminders are automatically prepared as well as thank you to your special customers.

Books - Money Out

Track your expenses and keep on the good side of your vendors by promptly paying their invoices with Zoho Books-Money Out.

Good vendor relations are maintained by paying your vendors correctly and on time. Maintaining solid vendor relations can pay off in the long run when you need your vendors help to get that hot product in quickly for a key customer and you earn future discounts with solid vendor relations.

Zoho Books - Money Out provides these features:

  • Record bills and expenses to properly account for all expenditures
  • Pay vendors on time to maintain a strong vendor relationship
  • Pay your bills correctly and only once.
  • Categorize expenses to help you track expenses
  • Never lose money on reimbursable expenses.

Books - Time Track

Track time, manage multiple projects and create invoices for your projects. It’s important because you get paid by the clock. Get this and much more with Zoho Books.

  • Track time and log hours
  • Manage time easily
  • Remember to get paid
  • Customize access to users

Books-GL & Dashboard

Zoho Books is a bundled set of accounting related online applications. The General Ledger portion of Books is a double entry accounting system. Transactions are either manually recorded as a journal entry or more often automatically recorded as you create customer invoices, record and pay vendor bills, etc.

The Reports included in Zoho Books provide a nicely designed reports like a Trial Balance and Journal Report that is key for use by your accountant and others more comfortable with the traditional mode of accounting

Books also includes a dashboard view of your business finances. Here you’ll be able to track the pulse of your business with views of…

  • Income and expense chart
  • Accounts watchlists
  • Aging summary of vendor bills
  • Aging summary of customer invoices
  • Bank and credit account summary

This sort of data is key for every business to survive in today’s competitive business world.


You’ll find that Zoho’s CRM application provides you with a comprehensive view of all your sales activity.

  • Need to know where a specific customer is in your sales cycle? Easy
  • Want a history of contacts made to a client? Simple
  • Wonder about your competitors? You’ll find that info also
  • Turn website leads quickly into sales by using web forms to collect visitor information, conduct surveys, respond to questions, etc.

Zoho’s CRM application provides busy sales people and management with

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Sales Stage & Probability Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Real-Time Forecasting
  • Quota Management
  • Record prospect and customer activities
  • Much more

The bottom line is that with Zoho’s CRM application you’ll have a much improved vision into your sales process and increase your sales.

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