Shipping and inventory management for ecommerce.

About Ordoro

Ordoro is an online shipping and inventory software for small to large ecommerce businesses. Ordoro picks up where your shopping cart leaves off so you can ship your orders in half the time.

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Benefits of Ordoro

  • Get your ship together fast. Download your orders from your store(s) and marketplaces into ONE Ordoro account and get everything organized with features like tagging and filters. In one view you will see ALL of your unfulfilled orders from all your channels and you can expand each order to see more details.
  • Ready, Batch, Ship! You can select as many as 100 orders at a time and create and print shipping labels. Ordoro is directly integrated to USPS (via Endicia), UPS, and Fedex so you are printing ready to go labels including postage – all you need after this is for the post- man to pick them up.
  • More Bang for Your Buck. Ordoro allows you to compare rates between shippers. Do you have negotiated rates with UPS or Fedex? Perfect! We pull those rates into your Ordoro account. Best of all, we offer you commercial pricing for your USPS labels, so you get a better deal than if you were to go to the post office yourself.
  • Keep Customer in the Loop. “What’s the tracking number for my order?” Tired of hearing that question? Thought so. With Ordoro, the tracking number is automatically sent back to your sales channel when you create the label. If that’s not enough, you also have the option of automatically sending an email to your customer when their order ships.
  • If a Customer Calls… Use our powerful search to find orders in lighting speed. Ordoro keeps a full audit trail of each order and logs activity by user, this way you will always know who handled the order and what happened to it.
  • Harness Your Brand Power. Ordoro lets you batch print your packing slips with your brand’s logo. Even better, it will print a summary of all your unfulfilled orders so you know what items to go pick from your warehouse.
  • Any Printer, Any Computer. If you can print PDFs, you can print shipping labels through Ordoro. It’s that simple.

Manage Inventory Across All Your Stores in One Place

  • Unified Inventory. Keep your inventory in sync across all sales channels. This allows you to list the same item on multiple sites without having to worry about overselling. Keep good seller ratings, avoid backorders and keep your customers happy while offering your products to a broader audience.
  • Avoid Login Hell. If you are selling across multiple sales channels, then you know what we mean. You log in to your eBay account, then your Amazon, then your store front, then your email, then your shipper accounts, etc. With Ordoro, you log in to ONE place to manage everything from shipping to inventory.
  • Product Linking. Selling the same product across different stores with different descriptors? Link them all to a “Master Product” and Ordoro will keep them in sync.
  • Build Your Kits. Combine multiple SKUs into a single bundled product and let Ordoro handle the inventory gymnastics
  • Keep Tabs on All Your Warehouses. Ordoro will let your track on hand inventory for multiple warehouses. So if you have more than one physical location that you ship from, we’ve got your back.
  • Prevent Products From Hiding. Know exactly where each product lives in your warehouse. You can assign locations to each SKU, and display these locations on the pick list to help you stop running in circles when your ready to pick and pack your orders.
  • Track Your Inventory Costs. Ordoro tracks the unit cost of each item to give you an accurate picture of what you’re spending on products.
  • Export Your Inventory Anytime. Easily export all your inventory data into CSV format or Quickbooks-ready format with just one click in Ordoro.

Dropship Your Orders With Ease

  • Get in the Dropship Game. If you ship from your own warehouse, but would like to begin dropshipping some items from a supplier, then Ordoro will work beautifully for you. Just mark certain items as dropship SKUs assigned to a supplier and continue using all of our shipping features for the rest of your goods.
  • Split Orders Automatically. If you have multiple suppliers, you often get one order with items going to each supplier to dropship. Ordoro will automatically split the order and send suppliers only their portion of the order to fulfill.
  • Start Managing Your Suppliers. Adding a supplier to your Ordoro account takes less than a minute. Effortlessly issue purchase orders, track good receipts, and run reports for each of your suppliers when it’s time to settle up.

Get Started in Less Than 5 Minutes

  • Import in an Instant. When you sign up, we ask you for your store username, password, and access token. Ordoro then uses your credentials to automatically and securely connect to your store and pull all of your inventory and order information. From there, it’s all integrated into your Ordoro account. The entire process typically takes less than 3 minutes to complete.
  • The Rest is a Breeze. With our guided setup, it’s as simple as giving us your ship from address and adding your shipper accounts to your store. Once you’ve done these two quick steps you can start printing shipping labels.
  • 100% Web-Based. This means there is no downloading, no installing and no tinkering to get started. All you need is an internet connection and you can create and access your Ordoro account from anywhere at anytime.
  • No Learning Curve. We are strong believers in you seeing it and getting it. Our mission is to make beautiful, easy to use software that will not require days of your time to get up and running. We also strive to make this less sexy part of ecommerce a bit more fun. Simply put, we make ship happen!

We’ve Got Your Back

  • Support. Have you checked out our contact us link above? That’s right, there’s a phone number and a real person at the other end! We provide full phone and email support to all of our Basic and Pro customers at no additional cost.
  • Our Team Always Aims Higher. What you see is only getting better each day. Our talented development team is constantly listening to customers and improving our features. Best of all, our customers aren’t hindered by one of our software updates as they’re done in real-time with minimal (if any) downtime.
  • Knowledge Base at Your Disposal. Find how-to articles, video tutorials, and more in our knowledge base. If you can’t find an article on a certain topic, let us know so we can write it!

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