Real-time multichannel order consolidation, inventory and resource allocation software for warehouse management.

Product Overview

Hopstack empowers warehouses and fulfillment centers to take full control of all their activities and gain granular visibility into every step performed in the fulfillment lifecycle. Its key features include inventory management, order processing, picking, packing, shipping, inbound logistics, returns, omnichannel order management, and analytics and reporting. The platform provides advanced algorithms to optimize and execute all inbound and outbound operations. It offers customizable reports and dashboards for real-time views of all KPIs, catering to the needs of different stakeholders.


  • Training is short and straightforward
  • Multiple users have reported positive support experiences
  • Works on smartphones for on-the-go operations


  • Pricing details not provided by the developer
  • New features take time to be released due to extensive testing

Target Market

eCommerce, retail, and third-party logistics (3PL) companies aiming to drive operational excellence in warehousing operations, from inventory to order fulfillment.

About Hopstack

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Hopstack Features

  • Inventory Optimization: Achieve maximum warehouse utilization and optimal stock levels, automate the back order and replenishment processes to eliminate manual effort and forecast future inventory consumption patterns with the help of AI-powered optimization modules.
  • Order Management: Consolidate all orders in one dashboard and prioritize with the help of capacity planning algorithms; combine orders using smart AI algorithms and cut down on shipping costs; use comprehensive analytics to measure key order management metrics like order lead times and fill rates.
  • Outbound Fulfillment Optimization: Optimize picking and picker route, create smart picklist; use the advanced Cartonization module to optimize packaging; integrate with leading shipping carriers to compute shipping rates and compare delivery time; gain granular visibility into every activity performed with respect to an order using Hopstack’s proprietary audit trail.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Create fully-customizable reports and dashboards and stay informed about the most critical metrics; improve throughput and efficiency across the fulfillment cycle using proprietary optimization algorithms; plan and manage optimal inventory, space and workforce through predictive capabilities.
  • Device Management: Easily onboard, manage and monitor all your devices from a single interface with no custom code; gain detailed insights into battery levels, device uptime, and health check; prevent unnecessary downtimes or device failure with proactive alerts and notifications.

Product Overview

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