A multi-module management system designed by Microix to enhance MIP Fund Accounting software.

Product Overview

Microix is a software development partner for MIP Fund Accounting Software which has created add-on modules to extend MIP Fund Accounting’s functionality. These tools automate data processes, streamline reporting, and support internal control, focusing on paperless automation and customizable workflows.

The Microix Workflow Modules consist of three dedicated modules: Budget, Requisition and Timesheet. Four optional add-ons are available: Inventory, Vendor Punchout, HTML Approval, and the Cloud Companion Web Application. Microix also has compatible time clocks and barcode scanners.

Microix modules are intended for the nonprofit and public sectors. Pricing depends on the total concurrent licenses required.


  • Uses automation to reduce paper processes
  • Creates customizable workflows


  • Requires MIP Fund Accounting
  • Limited to nonprofit sector
  • Pricing details unavailable

Target Market

Organizations in the nonprofit sector, particularly those already using or planning to use MIP Fund Accounting, as the modules are designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of that software. It is also ideal for nonprofits seeking to streamline accounting, budgeting, and administrative processes​.

About Microix

Video Overview

Microix Budget Module

This module facilitates advanced budget planning and reporting. Users can create budget worksheets for various time periods, departments, or programs, pre-loading them with data from Sage Fund Accounting’s General Ledger. After multi-level approvals, these worksheets automatically transfer as budget entries to Sage Fund Accounting.

Microix Requisition Module

This tool allows staff to create purchase requests and enforce accuracy requirements. Following multi-level approvals, these requests are automatically converted to purchase orders and transferred to Sage Fund Accounting as transactions.

Microix Timesheet Module

Employees can electronically record timesheets, which then pass through multiple approval levels. Post-approval, the module aligns payroll distribution codes with timesheet hours and integrates them into Sage Fund Accounting’s Payroll Module.

Product Overview

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