A construction management solution for performance, daily, and safety logs.

About Ezelogs

Ezelogs is a construction management app used to improve Project Efficiency. This app is available on Android, iOS and as a web portal. The purpose of this app is to create Time logs, Daily logs, Safety Logs, Several 100s of Safety Toolbox talks topics, upload or create of your own topics, Performance logs and Project Management logs.

Ezelogs was created with multiple packages and clients can switch from one package to another.

Ezelogs Benefits

The solution allows you to:

  • Monitor project Cost & Schedule performance, productivity, resources, and cost codes
  • Track daily profit
  • Track delays ( Excusable- compensable and non compensable & Non Excusable ),
  • Time logs & cost codes helps to prepare certified payrolls & SOV
  • Easy to send RFIs
  • Manage employee data & document control
  • Photo documentation
  • Ensures safety & Quality compliance are checked
  • Easy to calculate eligible Time extension and probable liquidate damage
  • Easy to generate reports, monitor graphs, share by email to project stake holders
  • Data can be downloaded and uploaded in excel format
  • Signature features
  • Preloaded reference data
  • PDF extraction
  • Upload and download specification
  • Drawings
  • Employee documents

Ezelogs Features

  • Daily Logs (Reports)
  • Safety Logs
  • Toolbox talks
  • Time logs
  • Performance Logs
  • Project Management logs

Cost Performance measures:

  • Contract Amount including Change Order Amounts
  • Labor Hrs-GC, Labor Hrs Subs, Labor Cost
  • Material and Equipment Cost
  • Subcontractor Cost
  • Cost Codes
  • Mark Ups/Gross Profits
  • Project Completion %

Project Progress measures:

  • Budget- Total Cost/Budget, Balance Left, Budget Spent, and Gross Profit.
  • Track delays- Project Duration, Project Completion, Remaining Days, Planned Start, Updated Start, Planned Finish, Updated Finish Elapsed Days, and Total Delays.
  • Monitor Labor hours-Labor Spent and Labor Hours Left.

Ezelogs Target Market

  • Small, medium and large construction firms
  • Construction management firms
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Safety Consultants

Ezelogs Pricing

The cost of Ezelogs starts at $8/company/month. There is a 90-day free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Ezelogs

Submitted on March 4th, 2022 by José De Nóbrega

It is an awesome software monitor from back office of the field office data, It is a best construction management software for small business firms, workflow, setup features and videos help the user to create and manage the app and software easily and quickly.

The Good…

They made safety logs so easy to complete check lists, record unsafe conditions, upload phots, submit, print reports and easy to email to anyone, really ,really a great software

The Bad…

So far I haven’t found anything I don’t like about this software.

Submitted on February 16th, 2022 by Sara.J

Ezelogs made it Easy for me!

I am currently working as Construction Manager @ WeBuild, I need to manage different teams performing different roles on site plus the project timelines and delays on daily basis. It was nearly Impossible for me to look after everyone’s schedule ,working hours, keeping account of project progress on daily basis.

Managing the project along with everyone’s performance was a hassle. Ezelogs made it easy for me to do all these on my fingertips Ezelogs is a tool with rapid implementation with a short learning curve. It’s features, ease of use and versatility made me fell for it. I highly Recommend Ezelogs for managing your project & team network

The Good…

I found it extremely useful and scalable for our needs and to manage my daily tasks. Ezelogs manages everything for me

The Bad…

By now Nothing, I have never experienced anything till now nor heard from any of my team member