An office equipment management system designed by ECi Software Solutions.

Product Overview

ECi e-automate is a scalable office management and ERP solution that can cater to businesses of various sizes. It functions effectively across different operational areas, including dispatch, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. The software’s user-friendly interface allows easy navigation between multiple windows, enabling efficient task management. Its inventory control and technician tracking features are also significant for businesses that require detailed monitoring of resources and personnel.

Although e-automate offers comprehensive functionalities, the software’s integration with third-party applications is limited. Customizations can be costly, which might be a constraint for some businesses seeking a personalized solution.


  • Easy account set up for new users
  • On-premise version is very stable and reliable
  • Covers wide range of functions from invetory to invoicing


  • Frequent updates rarely offer new features but cost more
  • Cloud version is still being tested
  • Customizations are expensive

Target Market

Small, medium, and large-sized field service businesses looking for comprehensive field service management solutions with a focus on print management services. Areas of focus include office equipment, commercial equipment, heavy equipment, banking and security, POS, and medical devices.

Not Recommended For

Small businesses or startups with limited budgets for software customizations or businesses seeking extensive third-party integration options.

About ECI e-automate

Video Overview


The key features of e-automate include:


  • Manage receivables and payables
  • Perform general ledger and journal entries (regular and automated entries)
  • Conduct banking transactions and reconciliation
  • Integrate credit card processing
  • Support AP payment cycles
  • Automate “on hold” status (customer and transactions)
  • Reconcile subsidiary ledger
  • Automate deferred revenue recognition
  • Automate statement generation and email delivery


  • Comprehensive management and financial reporting capabilities including Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Comparative financials
  • Contract profitability
  • Robust service statistics
  • Inventory valuation
  • Customized reports with drill-down capability

Inventory and Purchasing

  • Easy purchase order generation
  • Manage transfers and auto transfer replenishment for technicians/mechanics
  • Automate purchase order creation when items need reordering
  • Manage multiple warehouses and bins
  • Auto set min and max variables based on historical usage
  • Physical inventory module
  • Link purchase orders (sales orders, service calls)
  • Automate purchase order receipt and notification
  • Initiate transfers return to vendor (RTV) tracking for vendor returns and credits


  • Generate quotes, orders, and invoices
  • Manage picking, shipping, and invoicing process
  • Manage back order and order flow (entry, picking, staging, shipping, and invoicing)
  • Initiate return material authorization (RMA) tracking for customer returns or credit memos

Contract Management

  • Automate invoicing via email
  • Receive alerts when contracts or warranties are about to expire
  • Access different types of contract profitability (per contract type, contract, equipment)

Service Management

  • Log, clear, dispatch, and invoice equipment service calls
  • Recommend service call assignments based on technician/mechanic qualifications and reassign calls as necessary
  • Replenish technician/mechanic stock
  • Bill for chargeable service calls
  • Log incomplete calls for parts
  • Automate invoicing via email
  • Automate preventative maintenance call creation
  • Manage equipment (serial tracking, location, status and more)
Starting Price
$600 /user/month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of ECI e-automate

Submitted on December 28th, 2023 by Anonymous

Locks you into a contract where the rates continually go up! The accounting side of the software is dated and not easy to navigate.

The Good…

All in one solution

The Bad…

Our company has been with e-automate for 6 years. Our rates continue to climb at 15% compounded interest annually. You get locked in to their contract and it’s very difficult to change or cancel the contract. The have been very slick and deceitful. I’m looking for a way out!

Submitted on August 26th, 2022 by Anonymous

ECI’s on-premise ERP software is built on an old but solid platform for managing service industry businesses. Specifically the print industry.

The Good…

The on-premise version runs fairly stable and is reliable.

The Bad…

Rebranding software updates as new products to charge you more. ECI’s business platform is to charge an exorbitant amount for software “updates” with very few updates happening. Our company has been using their system for 15+ years and have seen very few changes for the tens of thousands of dollars spent on annual update fees. They sell their software products in pieces with each add-on of the software having to be purchased and carrying its own annual update fee. When there is a major update to a piece of add-on software that you’ve already purchased, and have been paying annual update fees for years, they will rebrand the newer version of the add-on and make you pay for it all over again while increasing the annual update charges. Refer to E-info and E-info Enhanced, or Remote Tech and Mobile Tech. Those are both updated versions of an older product. Most software companies that are charging you monthly fees for updates will actually give you access to the newest version of the product you’ve been paying for. ECI does not. This is the case for their on-premise software.