ECI e-automate

A software system designed by ECI Software Solutions.

About ECI e-automate

E-automate is a cloud-based business management software designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses that sell, service, and maintain equipment. It’s a quote-to-cash solution that eliminates the need for separate systems and makes it easy for field service companies to manage their operations.

ECI e-automate handles all areas of their business, from accounting to asset management and service dispatch. It also provides the visibility needed into their business performance to make smart purchasing decisions, flip costly service/maintenance contracts, maximize their cash flow, and grow their operations.

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The key features of e-automate include:


  • Manage receivables and payables
  • Perform general ledger and journal entries (regular and automated entries)
  • Conduct banking transactions and reconciliation
  • Integrate credit card processing
  • Support AP payment cycles
  • Automate “on hold” status (customer and transactions)
  • Reconcile subsidiary ledger
  • Automate deferred revenue recognition
  • Automate statement generation and email delivery


  • Comprehensive management and financial reporting capabilities including Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Comparative financials
  • Contract profitability
  • Robust service statistics
  • Inventory valuation
  • Customized reports with drill-down capability

Inventory and Purchasing

  • Easy purchase order generation
  • Manage transfers and auto transfer replenishment for technicians/mechanics
  • Automate purchase order creation when items need reordering
  • Manage multiple warehouses and bins
  • Auto set min and max variables based on historical usage
  • Physical inventory module
  • Link purchase orders (sales orders, service calls)
  • Automate purchase order receipt and notification
  • Initiate transfers return to vendor (RTV) tracking for vendor returns and credits


  • Generate quotes, orders, and invoices
  • Manage picking, shipping, and invoicing process
  • Manage back order and order flow (entry, picking, staging, shipping, and invoicing)
  • Initiate return material authorization (RMA) tracking for customer returns or credit memos

Contract Management

  • Automate invoicing via email
  • Receive alerts when contracts or warranties are about to expire
  • Access different types of contract profitability (per contract type, contract, equipment)

Service Management

  • Log, clear, dispatch, and invoice equipment service calls
  • Recommend service call assignments based on technician/mechanic qualifications and reassign calls as necessary
  • Replenish technician/mechanic stock
  • Bill for chargeable service calls
  • Log incomplete calls for parts
  • Automate invoicing via email
  • Automate preventative maintenance call creation
  • Manage equipment (serial tracking, location, status and more)

Target Market

ECI e-automate is designed for companies that provide service for a variety of technology and equipment, including:

  • Office equipment
  • Commercial equipment (restaurant equipment, commercial freezers and coolers, commercial HVAC)
  • Heavy equipment (dozers, loaders, haulers, excavators, highway scales, etc.)
  • Banking and security (safes, vaults, access control systems, security systems, ATMs, etc.)
  • POS (terminals, portable data collection devices, bar code scanners, bar code printers, etc.)
  • Medical devices (patient monitors, infusion pumps, defibrillators, x-ray equipment, ultrasound equipment, etc.)

These companies have anywhere from 6-500 employees, but anywhere from 2+ technicians out in the field. They are usually looking to improve their asset management (inventory, purchasing, tracking), improve service delivery (technician/mechanic dispatch, tracking, close rates), and get a better sense of their business performance.

Because e-automate is an integrated ERP, many departments are involved in the selection process and use it on a daily basis, including accounting/finance, inventory/purchasing, and service/operations.

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