A construction cost estimating software for medium-sized to large companies in civil engineering and commercial real estate.

Product Overview

RSMeans Data Online is an online construction cost estimation tool. It offers a detailed database with up-to-date information on costs for materials, labor, and equipment. The database, comprising over 92,000 items, supports various estimation methods including unit costs and square foot models. The service is accessible on multiple devices, providing 24/7 access and automatic quarterly updates.


  • Construction cost database with over 92,000 items
  • Supports unit costs, square foot models, & more estimation methods


  • Initial learning curve
  • May be cost-prohibitive to smaller businesses

Target Market

Mid to large-sized companies in construction, commercial real estate, civil engineering, and architecture & planning.

About RSMeans Data Online

RSMeans Data Online from Gordian is an online construction cost estimating software with a large construction cost database available in various formats. The solution provides level of cost detail (unit price, assemblies, and square foot models), labor rates/wages, and includes estimate tools using this cost model data.

The construction estimating software helps plan budgets by using as accurate construction costs as possible. By creating estimates with unit costs, assemblies, or square foot models, users can validate unfamiliar costs or scopes of work and also maintain existing buildings with schedules and detailed costs.

RSMeans Data Core Dataset

The Core tier of RSMeans Data Online provides reliable construction cost data and the tools necessary to access costs at the material or task level. Users can easily create unit line estimates with RSMeans data from Gordian and share them from the web-based application.

RSMeans Data Online Pricing

The cost of RSMeans Data Online starts at $300/year for a single dataset in the Core package. The cost of the software is determined by how many datasets are needed and what package tier is required. The package tier determines the level of cost detail and the timespan of data available. There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

Full Library Costs

Purchasing the full library dataset is the most comprehensive option and includes every individual dataset offered. This is the best value offered by RSMeans Data Online

  • Core: $1,890/year
  • Complete: $4,455/year
  • Complete Plus: $5,630/year

Video Overview

Starting Price
$300 /year
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of RSMeans Data Online

Submitted on October 20th, 2021 by Frank Sherman

I was asked to prepare preliminary budgets for the renovation of a non-profit’s facility, which allowed them to get the funding they needed for the project.

Submitted on October 20th, 2021 by Michael Dyer

When we are considering a new market to develop, RSMeans data is our source for determining the costs relative to other markets where we have historical costs available.

Submitted on October 20th, 2021 by Jason Egeline

We expanded our RSMeans data library to include remodels and interior design which has helped in our expanded services to clients, particularly with remodels and interior work.

Submitted on October 20th, 2021 by Eric Wright

We use RSMeans data to estimate MEP Infrastructure costs for construction and it has been extremely accurate at providing realistic budget pricing that we can trust and use to help our clients plan spending.