A DAM and PIM solution to power commerce

About Amplifi.io

Amplifi.io is a digital asset and product information management software to ensure your brand wins on the digital shelf. Use this platform to eliminate confusion by offering a single source-of-truth for marketing assets and product information together at last. The easy-to-use content portal enables internal and external partners to update content and assets.


  • Assets Auto-Converted for all Downstream Uses
  • Retain Transparent Layers
  • Optional Watermarks
  • Reduce Burden on Graphics Department
  • AUTO-Conversion, Formatting
  • Easily Manage Versions
  • Artifical intelligence (AI) Assisted Content Tagging
  • Product-centric auto organization
  • Easy discovery means less hand-holding
  • High adoption across diverse teams
  • Preview easily
  • Share from anywhere
  • Video Ready to Embed, Link or Stream
  • Easily Power Marketing Programs
  • HTML 5 Adaptive Player Technology
  • Support for Professional Codecs
  • On Demand Cross Conversion
  • Monitor Media Usage
  • Real Time Share and Activities Logs
  • Consumption Analytics
  • Support Marketing Investment Insights with Data
  • Integrated with Google Analytics

Product Overview

User Reviews of Amplifi.io

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by Tom Hume from Toshiba

Toshiba has used Amplifi.io for 5 years and has about 900 daily users. We have had amazing positive feedback. I rely on AMplifi.io daily and it delivers.