An automated accounts payable (AP) system by Coupa

About Coupa AP Automation

Coupa’s AP Automation software makes it easy to get rid of paper invoices with e-invoicing. This AP automation software solution provides e-invoicing choices from EDI and cXML to a supplier portal and emails. Coupa users enjoy both unprecedented supplier adoption and all the workflow benefits of accounts payable automation software. AP solutions benefits your Accounts Payable team from handling less paper, having less chance of error, and wasting less time chasing approvals and managing suppliers.

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Coupa Features

  • Expense Management
  • ERP Integration
  • Consumer-Like User Experience with Low to No Training
  • 2- and 3-Way Matching for Touchless Invoicing
  • PO and Non-PO-Backed Invoice Processing
  • Streamlined Electronic Invoicing With Low to No Supplier Enablement
  • Real-Time Invoice Status Alerts
  • Country-Specific Content
  • Electronic Signatures and Audit Readiness for E-Invoicing and VAT Compliance

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User Reviews of Coupa AP Automation

Submitted on April 13th, 2020 by a Coupa AP Automation user from Con-Way Freight

We want our people in the field to spend less time shuffling paper and more time managing freight and managing transportation and managing warehouses. That’s what Coupa does for us.