Aavenir Obligationflow

Contractual Compliance Management Software Built on ServiceNow

About Aavenir Obligationflow

Aavenir - Obligationflow – Obligation Compliance Management

Aavenir Obligationflow offers a simplified approach for business teams to manage contractual obligations. Aavenir Obligationflow can auto-discover key contractual obligations using AI-enabled full-text search capabilities, foster collaboration with the relevant stakeholder via digital workflow, and provide complete visibility obligation compliances via an intuitive dashboard.

Aavenir Obligationflow can be used along with Aavenir Contractflow, or can be used independently.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Auto-discover, using AI, contract obligations from the PDF or JPEG versions of the contracts
  2. Assign appropriate ownership to the obligation ‘actors’
  3. Obligation workflow for appropriate actions and approvals
  4. Finally, Achieve significantly higher contract compliant transactions

Aavenir Obligationflow Features

Built on innovative ServiceNow platform, Obligationflow helps to ensure regulatory compliance and use workflows for collaboration and integration across different IT systems.

  1. Master Obligation Repository: Prepare a centralized obligation repository for all obligations residing in your contracts
  2. Analyze volume of Contracts for accurate insights: Employees can navigate contract repository with higher accuracy and garner insights from key meta data and create structured data
  3. Speed up Review process: Employees can automatically identify and map major clauses and metadata elements to perform analysis on clauses and obligations.
  4. Proactive insights with defined alarms and notifications: Users can stay notified on tons of extracted data and manage KPIs and have defined alarms and notifications.
  5. Collaborative Workflows and intuitive UI: An improved Workflow routing helps to understand data values and trigger alerts for identified stakeholders
  6. Dashboard for Single Source of Truth: Holistic view of all obligations, tasks and milestones from contracts for defined stakeholders

Aavenir Obligationflow Target Market

  • Legal Department
  • Procurement Department
  • Enterprises
  • Large organizations
  • Startups

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