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About CoreISSUE

CoreCard’s CoreISSUE for accounts receivable management solution was built to manage the most complex repayment options for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and finance companies. Some of its capabilities include deferred payments, revolving credit, extended payment terms, same as cash programs and floor plan financing. Robust account hierarchy can be setup to manage receivables and risk exposure for lending done through dealers and distributors. CoreCard’s CoreISSUE for AR management leverages the power of shared components found in CoreEngine and connects seamlessly to other modules for collections, dispute management and sales. Its standard set of APIs allows it to work as a subsytem to existing accoounting and ERP software.


  • New Account Setup
  • Account hierarchy definition
  • Setup Payment options/credit plan
  • Interest rate management
  • Statements
  • Statement messages
  • Reaging
  • Letters
  • Disputes
  • Reage
  • Fee Catalog
  • Post manual transactions, fee
  • GL Setup
  • Reports


CoreCard Software looked at the challenges facing card issuers today and designed CoreCard CoreISSUE to meet the rigorous requirements of commercial card processing and reporting. With CoreISSUE you are getting today’s most advanced browser-based card management, issuing and transaction processing system for banks, retailers and other financial institutions that issue card products.


CoreISSUE is available in a variety of configurations each designed to meet the unique needs of each card issuer. CoreISSUE is powered by the CoreCard CoreENGINE, which is the underlying technology platform for all of CoreCard’s products.

CoreCard CoreISSUE can be configured to support Bankcard, Commercial, Private Label, Prepaid, Healthcare, Government, Fleet, and Reward and Loyalty products. Each different configuration may be deployed individually or collectively in phases to meet specific operational and strategic requirements.


Account & Product Set-Up and Management

  • User-defined account set-up workflows and mass update features reduce manual data entry errors.
  • Unlimited processing levels available for institutions, holding companies, products, company corporate structures and family cards for consumer accounts.
  • Ability to link multiple products, credit plans, physical plastic cards and physical addresses to a single account.
  • Support for an unlimited number of products and institutions.
  • Interfaces to third-party credit card application processing and credit scoring applications.
  • Transaction processing including dynamic processing and recording of all purchase, payment and fee-based transactions and corresponding account balances.
  • Unique processing controls can be defined at each level of the account and product hierarchies.
  • Easily configurable processing parameters for service charges, interest, insurance, payment, credit terms and more.
  • Real-time recalculation of payment reversals, purchase returns, chargebacks and disputes and all impacted balances up the hierarchy.
  • Both “wallpaper” and “thumbprint” images may be placed on cards either by your organization or the customer.
  • Cardholders can be added one at a time, via bulk add panels, a bulk account creation process, or via a (HTML) request.
  • Cards can be funded from a cardholder’s bank account and multiple cardholders can be funded via a bulk load process or payroll.
  • Batches are accepted from third-parties to load multiple cards with funds to be processed as prepaid cards. The system accepts a batch of records uploaded via a secure FTP site as well as XML messages.
  • Funds may be transferred from one prepaid card to another, including prepaid accounts with purses, using an online panel.
  • Templates can be set up at each level of the business hierarchy to assist you in setting up the system for the first time. You can easily create your own templates to provide default values for control records.
  • Pre-set authorization decision controls are hard-coded in the system that defines the rules and response codes to be used in your portfolios. You can define rules for 10 categories – Over limit/Overdraft, Account Status, Card Status, Delinquency, MCC Group, Merchant, Co-pay, Authorization Data Elements, Velocity and Prepaid. These rules can be set up at either the product or plan master level.
  • Bulk product transfers may be performed via an online workflow and a bulk product transaction log is provided for reviewing a log of all transfers.
  • Mass update panels are available for updating multiple cardholders through a single mechanism or you can also perform a mass update via workflows and files.

Card Issuing

  • Credit limits definable for each processing level; hard and shared limits supported.
  • Interfaces to third party collections, external risk modeling and scoring applications.
  • User-defined charge-off limit supported.
  • User-defined rules-based reissue decisioning * User-defined delinquency and over-limit conditions.

Credit Management

  • Credit limits definable for each processing level; hard and shared limits supported.
  • Interfaces to third party collections, external risk modeling and scoring applications.
  • User-defined charge-off limit supported.
  • User-defined rules-based reissue decisioning.
  • User-defined delinquency and over-limit conditions.

Statement Processing

  • Flexible, user-defined billing and statementing periods.
  • Individual, central, summary, memo and billing statements.
  • Automatic generation and sending of statement files to third party statement production systems.
  • Statements available online.

Clearing and Settlement

  • User-defined settlement periods.
  • Real-time and batch settlement supported.
  • Real-time posting of clearing transactions.
  • MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Installment Loans

  • CoreISSUE’s inherent flexibility enables you to incorporate installment loans, including fixed and variable rate calculations using an index or margin rate.
  • Provides the ability to maintain multiple loans on one account where you can charge-off one loan while leaving other loans active on the same account.
  • You can set up both revolving and non-revolving accounts where, for example, the non-revolving accounts do not assess interest but the revolving accounts will assess interest using a daily variable rate.

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

  • Fully compliant with all association rules and regulations.
  • Fully compliant with OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) checking and reporting required for all processors and banks issuing cards within the United States. OFAC alerts concerning activity on prohibited countries, entities or individuals may be sent to any email or SMS address.

Exception Management

  • Chargeback processing and dispute management provided according to respective association rules.
  • Unmatched clearings are displayed on an online panel where you can then “match” the un-matched clearing to an outstanding authorization. Multiple outstanding authorizations may be matched to a single not-matched clearing item.
  • Standard reports available.
  • Interfaces to third-party reporting tools for ad hoc and custom reporting.

Integrated Letters

  • Letters can be generated automatically or manually at any stage of the collection process and as part of any scripted outcome selected by a collector.
  • Letter templates with commonly used variables are provided with the application, which can be easily customized as required.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Word is supported.

Automatic Messages

  • Automatic communications in the form of letters, emails and messages to portable devices can be created for alerting customers of certain events, such as a low balance.
  • You can prioritize messages that should be sent for each event and identify whether to send just one message, more than one message, or the best available message using and/or qualifiers.
  • If a customer provides an email address, you can avoid the cost of mailing a letter by indicating that messages for certain events can be sent via email only.

Customer Service

  • Controlled access through user security.
  • Browser-based interface enables issuers to easily designate customer service functions to agents in remote locations.
  • Both payments and e-payments are supported where you can manually input checks to pay for one invoice or multiple invoices.

Web Self-Service

  • CoreSELFSERVICE provides cardholder self-service via a secure web page (e.g. change of address, request for credit increase, request for replacement card and payment submission) increases operation efficiencies.


CoreISSUE seamlessly integrates with CoreAPPLICATION to streamline the approval and booking process for new cardholder accounts. With CoreAPPLICATION the routine tasks of gathering accountholder data, processing it and approving new accounts is automated with configurable workflow tools and business rules.

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