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About Sigma Conso CPM

Sigma Conso CPM Software provides financial consolidation and reporting, intercompany reconciliation, and budgeting/planning/forecasting capabilities. All subsets of Sigma Conso CPM are 100% web-based, ready-to-use, and easy-to-learn, along with full customizations available to it’s users.

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Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting

This consolidation and reporting tool pulls together actual, budgeting, and forecast data. It can handle multi lingual, multi-currency, and multi-standard pieces of data through automated data import.

The software lets you create visual reports based on indicators most relevant to your business, such as dynamics reports and simulations.

Sigma Conso Intercompany

This reconciliation software application is used for intercompany accounts. It’s main benefit is improving the quality of accounting data at the entity level and reducing closing time.

The solution provides quick identification of variances and their type. It can reconcikle reciprocal transactions through the consolidation process or by the entities themselves at the transaction level.

Sigma Conso Planning

Sigma Conso will help simplify your budgeting and planning process through a dynamic and decentralized process and is the perfect integration to your ERP or spreadsheet system. Budget modelling includes scenario creation, simulations, and versioning.

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User Reviews of Sigma Conso CPM

Submitted on June 10th, 2019 by Valerie Salmon from Reynaers Aluminium

We’re active in 70 countries. I receive the financial data of 49 entities every month. I consolidate those figures into a report for management. The goal is zero mistakes and on-time reporting. We need a good consolidation package to cover all the different currencies, entities, and languages.

What made us choose Sigma Conso was the implementation time, the cost price, and most of all because once you know the system you can easily change everything you want. You can easily change it. We are able to create our own accounts and reports.