A permitting and licensing management software for municipalities and local governments.

Product Overview

CityView is a permitting and licensing management software for municipalities and local governments. The software provides capabilities for engaging with citizens and businesses, allowing for online application submissions, payment processing, and communication. CityView Suite offers reporting and analytics tools that enable data-driven decision-making, allowing municipalities to track performance, assess trends, and improve their services.


  • Reporting and analytics tools
  • Supports online application submissions and payment processing


  • Initial setup and training may be time-consuming
  • Pricing requires consultation

Target Market

Medium to large-sized municipalities and local government agencies looking to modernize their operations.

About CityView Suite

CityView offers out-of-the-box software for community development and municipal land management. CityView facilitates a paperless process that shortens permit and case turnaround, eliminates redundant work, and increases productivity from land use planning to permitting, code enforcement, and licensing.

  • Standardize and increase the efficiency of the permit approval and inspection processes.
  • Achieve a paperless, electronic plans review process.
  • Drive economic development with business-friendly services.
  • Provide simplified and expanded customer services to developers, contractors, business owners, and residents.

CityView Key Features

  • Property Information Management: Quickly view data and location-based land management activities.
  • Permits and Inspections: Streamline and automate permit approval and issuance process.
  • Planning: Easily track and manage zoning and development applications and processes.
  • Code and Bylaw Enforcement: Track and manage enforcement incidents from citizen complaints to case resolution.
  • Licensing: Automate business licensing from application and approvals to payments and renewals.
  • Rental Housing: Assist conformity by facilitating the licensing, inspection and enforcement of rental property standards.
  • Service Requests: Uphold community standards by providing easily accessible mechanisms for constituents to make requests, complaints, and inquiries.
  • Cemetery Management: End-to-end cemetery management from plot purchase and allocation to scheduling of services and maintenance.
  • Marriage and Death Registration: Create an electronic record of citizens’ marriages and deaths.
  • Parking Management: Automate the permitting and ticketing process from start to finish.
  • Cashiering: Centralize the collection and reconciliation of revenue, and provide accurate reporting.
  • CityView Mobile: Empower inspectors with CityView field solutions.
  • CityView Portal: Enable constituent & business self-service with intuitive online services.
  • Electronic Plans Review: Remove paper from the plan review process & save contractors time and money.

Video Overview

Founded over 30 years ago by Local Government for Local Government, CityView is proven to drive efficiency and help communities grow.

CityView is a government management software. This solution has multiple applications for managing property information, permits, code enforcement, licensing, and more.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of CityView Suite

Submitted on August 2nd, 2021 by Mike Boso

The payback of using CityView has been big for Grove City. We average 3000 commercial and residential permits and over 8000 inspections a year and we’re able to do this with 3 permit clerks and 4 building inspectors. Nearly 60 percent of our inspections are now scheduled online so we had almost 4000 fewer inspections-related phone calls in 2009. Our contractors love that they get their inspection results by email as soon as the inspection is done. We’ve seen a reduction in the number of call-backs and cancelled inspections because they can now be scheduled after we close for the day. It used to take us several weeks to get all the information together for annual state reports but now we’re able to generate those same reports and have them in the mail in minutes. CityView has dramatically improved the way we do business and allows us to increase the level of service that we provide to our citizens. That’s why we even named a street after the software.

Submitted on June 28th, 2019 by Geoff Verkade

Staff are using CityView’s capabilities to power a level of business intelligence and efficiency that has never existed before within the plan and permit review department.