Yardi Enterprise Property Management

A multi-module management system designed by Yardi Systems for real estate & property management companies.

About Yardi Enterprise Property Management

Yardi Enterprise records and reports on all aspects of property management. This unique program integrates data from such fields as accounting, maintenance and gross potential rent - for everything from single unit rentals to complex multi-site holdings and leases.

Yardi Enterprise offers powerful processing, high-level security, customizable interfaces, integrated accounting and the flexibility that comes with a scalable internet enabled system.

Yardi Enterprise is built on 32-bit Windows technology that provides easy navigation and smooth integration with Word and Excel. Powerful features include extensive drill-down on reports to both database and transaction detail.

The ability to attach memos and documents to any database item provides added flexibility. Yardi Enterprise technology supports MSDE, SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Yardi Ad-Hoc Reporting

In an age when information is abundant, having the ability to quickly manipulate data into meaningful information is one of the greatest challenges of data management. Meet the challenge with Yardi Ad-Hoc Reporting.

Ad-Hoc report writing is fast, intuitive, and puts you in control of your Yardi Enterprise database reporting requirements.

Yardi Affordable Housing

Today you can have the perfect combination of tools necessary to fulfill your affordable housing commitments all in one place.

Integrated, centralized, customizable, intuitive and easy to use. With Yardi Affordable Housing, easily design your workstations to meet specific core task requirements and prevent recapture.

Yardi Systems, Inc. has the technical staff and expertise, plus a solid foundation of working with HUD, Housing Finance Agencies, Contract Administrators and Housing Authorities, to assure that your data is submitted accurately and on-time.

One System. One Database. True Integration. Yardi’s Got It!

Options in technology. For data coming in from remote sites, try Yardi’s optional browser-based solution.

Whether you choose Yardi’s workstation or browser-based option, Yardi’s Affordable Housing provides HUD program compliance, Section 42 (LIHTC) compliance, integrated accounting and the most advanced reporting tools available in the industry.

Instant access to resident compliance calculations. Yardi’s Affordable Housing software makes automatic calculations that will determine if the resident meets your program compliance requirements.

Instant access to compliance history. With Yardi’s tree controls, one click gets you into each resident’s certification report and automatically verifies information to comply with both HUD and tax credit requirements.

The power of drill down. Most reports offer ‘drill down’ from a line item on the report to underlying data. Double click on any line of a report and you will drill down to the underlying detail.

The ease of complete integration. Yardi Affordable Housing offers quick access to information through integrated accounting and compliance. The Affordable screen at the right illustrates drill down from the Preposting Report for rent and HAP, to the tenant screen right down to the tenant ledger.

Unique to Yardi. Both HUD program and Section 42 compliance are contained within in one system. The project button lets you access detailed HUD and Section 42 information. Our automatic recalculation feature streamlines the annual input of new income limits.

Automatic household compliance features. Yardi enables you to see at a glance if a household fails the Section 42 compliance, and also provides the exact reason.

At the same time the system automatically compares real-time applicable fraction by both unit and square feet with first year applicable fraction.

Yardi Asset Management

Yardi Systems Asset Management system is integrated with Yardi Enterprise Property Management product as a powerful executive and analyst tool for full portfolio reporting.

Yardi Asset Management is a comprehensive tracking method of capturing operational, financial and performance data with the Yardi data warehouse, giving analytical ‘slice and dice’ views on investment return.

Yardi Asset Management is not sold as a stand-alone product, but instead as an optional addition to our Enterprise suite of software. Yardi Asset Management features are built into the Yardi Enterprise Property Management interface, making it extremely easy to view reports or performance data on one easy-to-navigate screen.

This industry leading portfolio reporting tool creates the ‘big picture’ reporting that allow senior executives to make the long-term projections necessary for good decision making.

Further, it allows your regional property managers a powerful comparative analysis from property to property, using important user-definable performance measurement ratios.

For those properties requiring the NCREIF and AIMR reporting, Yardi Asset Management is a complete solution.

Yardi Conductor

Yardi Conductor is an advanced batch routing system that enhances workflow by automating all tasks associated with the organization and distribution of reports.

Yardi Conductor allows you to eliminate time-consuming efforts of copying and collating, plus delivery expenses, by offering three delivery methods: email, browser or hard copy.

Choose Yardi Conductor to manage your report routing and distribution and you’ll be able to reallocate considerable savings to your bottom line.

Yardi eBanking

Yardi Systems eBanking system is integrated with Enterprise Property Management, Yardi’s core product as a tool for electronic banking.

** Yardi Systems eBanking features:**

  • automated cash receipts
  • electronic check clearing
  • custom tenant statements
  • custom payment coupons

Future releases will add more electronic interfacing features relative to the improvement of cash management controls.

eBanking is an optional addition to the Enterprise suite of software. Once installed, the eBanking module works from the data warehouse of the core program, Property Management, and the user accesses the module through Property Management.

System administrators find that eBanking adheres to the same easy-to-use layout of all Yardi Enterprise utilities.

Yardi Forecast

Yardi Forecast offers advanced budgeting and forecasting features that significantly enhance the budget preparation process and financial reporting capabilities of Yardi’s Enterprise product line.

Fully integrated with Yardi’s lease database and general ledger, Forecast provides quick and accurate lease-level budgeting with multiple budget revisions and multiple year forecasts.

Projections include global assumptions, easy redistribution methods, and percent adjustment variables by user-defined groupings.

Forecast is easy to learn with Excel-like operations for cut and paste, spreadsheet formulas, and general navigation. A complete narrative system with full drill-down for assumptions and actual variances make Forecast unique in the marketplace.

Knowing the effect of leasing decisions upon the entire portfolio or per property, and the ability to forecast across properties by month or quarters for multiple years, makes

Yardi Forecast the Only Solution for Financial Managers.

Yardi Internet Voyager

Yardi Internet Voyager web-enables the Yardi Enterprise property and asset management applications giving you real-time information, integrated accounting, and processing power from anywhere you can hook-up to the Internet.

This global access to a centralized database offers not only faster processing time, but the ability to run up-to-the-minute reports and handle transactions, enterprise-wide, from anywhere at any time.

When you streamline your workflow with Voyager’s flexible options and automated tasks, you insure your company’s competitive edge.

Comprehensive Residential Work Flow

Everything you need to make the smooth transition from prospect to resident can be handled over the Internet, quickly and easily.

Yardi Internet Voyager provides you with all the tools necessary to manage the work flow of establishing and maintaining your new resident, including access to the resident ledger.

  • Create Custom Views Into Your Data.
  • Create custom Active Server Pages that merge with your Yardi data.
  • Create customized Late Notices, Thank You Letters, Lease Forms—there’s no limit on what you can create!

On-Line Marketing

With Voyager’s iListings, investors and potential residents can access pictures of properties, their pertinent data and current availability. Once they find the perfect property, prospects can request application forms—right from the listing!

Powerful Reminders

Internet Voyager’s Daily Activity Calendar searches your system and finds all date sensitive information to keep you informed of your day-to-day activities.

How does it all work?

The 3-tier architecture of Yardi Internet Voyager uses Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or greater) at the site, and NT or 2000 server with IIS features at the home office. Connection types can vary based on the level of performance you demand from dial up to T1, you can choose the connectivity method that works best for you.

DSL/cable modem lines perform very well for Yardi clients with a minimal cost per remote office. The best part is that while older site-based programs demanded license fees for each location, Yardi Voyager is a centralized system so you are still using only concurrent licensing. This means a dramatic price savings.

Yardi Maintenance

Yardi Maintenance closely integrates a comprehensive maintenance program with property management operations, thereby enhancing and preserving the value of your properties.

Product Overview

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